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Here are some basic objects of our Association
  • To create "spirit de corps" among members.
  • To promote service interests of its members.
  • To organise activities of social and cultural nature for the benefits to its members.

A Grand Successful “DHARNA” from 06.01.2015 is organizing by Leaders of Joint Forum of BSNL Unions and Associations, MP Circle along with members. A good strength of members was present on 07.01.2015 as compared to Day 1.

Our beloved CS Sh Mohd Parwez Khan addressed to members regarding our demands in this agitation & policies of Govt regarding BSNL. A lunch hour programme was organized by Convenor of Joint Forum in which Leaders from other Dept like CIL,RLYs,Banking, Postal Dept & Central Employee Trade Unions addressed to members regarding policies of Govt in their Dept & BSNL as well and commit to provide their support in future to BSNL. Asstt Secy NFTE Sh KS Thakur extented vote of thanks for Day 2. <<Click Here for Photos of Day 2(07.01.2015)>>

Leaders of Joint Forum of BSNL Unions and Associations, MP Circle along with members have started “DHARNA” from 06.01.2015 at Circle level. Our beloved CS Sh Mohd Parwez Khan addressed to members regarding our demands in this agitation & policies of Gov regarding BSNL. Leaders of other Associations & Unions also addressed to members regarding demands. Our CP Sh HM Bajpai presented vote of thanks. <<Click Here for Photos of Day 1(06.01.2015)>>
All District Secrataries-- In a meeting of Circle Secretaries of all associations in Bhopal, it is unanimously decided that in the proposed three days dharna on 6th, 7th and 8th Jan 2015 ,on each day, One third of members of branch will take Casual Leave and sit on Dharna . Please ensure the names for each day and coordinate with other unions and associations and make the dharna a grand success.
We will open the book its pages are blank,weare going to put words on them by ourselves,the book is called OPPORTUNITY and its first chapter is NEW YEAR’S DAY.wish you a great year ahead
Leaders of Joint Forum of BSNL Unions and Associations, MP Circle and Circle Management had a meeting with CGMT MP Telecom Circle on 17th Nov 14.

Circle Office issued minutes of meeting. <<Click here for Minutes of Meeting.>>

Circle Office Bhopal issued followings order on 24-11-2014.

1. Stay particulars in respect of Executives of Acounts & Finance working in MPT Circle. <<Click here for order>>

2. Regarding Time Bound Up gradation from E1 to E2 scale of JAOs as per BSNL Executive Promotion policy. <<Click here for order>>

AIBSNLEA MP is pleased to provide Study Material for coming JTO to SDE (T) LDCE to be held on 15.02.2015 and wishes all the best to all viewers.

Click here for <<Paper-I Management>> <<Paper-II CFA >> <<Paper-II CM>> <<Paper-II EB>> Submitted by SABIR HUSAIN Circle Web Secy AIBSNLEA MP.

Congratulations "The Unity" Wins. Trade Union agitation proposed from 18th November 14 is withdrawn.

Meeting of Circle Secretaries of AIBSNLEA, AIGETOA, SNEA(I), AIBSNLOA, SEWA, BSNLEU & NFTE with the management was fruitful. From management side CGM along with GM Admin, Adl.GM Admin, AGM & OSD to CGM participated in the meeting.

The house discussed point wise agenda given by Joint Forum.

Regarding Point No 1 after CGM’s assurance Leaders were satisfied & point was agreed.

Regarding point No 2 GM admin assured to clear all the Medical Bills positively by March & will consider the “Delayed bill submission from SSA” subject to the management reason.

Regarding point No 3 GM admin assure to issue Time Bond Financial Ugradation orders immediately

Regarding point No 4 Regarding TA/DA bills GM Admin assured to issue orders to all SSA’s to pay the TA/DA in Lumsum.

Regarding point No 5 Regarding TA/DA for transfer a long discussion was held & to uphold the interest of members house drop the point.

Regarding point No 6 CGM assured to send revised proposal to corporate office to continue outdoor medical treatment for 25 days .

Regarding point No 7 & 8 CGM agreed to send the recommendation of circle to Corporate office.

Regarding Point No 9 (a) CGM agreed to give access to Private operators from RSTC, any how will analysis the IUC charges to be paid to other operators after 2 months & will review with discussions with Union/Associations. (b) & (c) was agreed to drop by leaders as it is due to implementation of ERP & as per corporate office orders.

Regarding Point No 10 House drop the point on the grounds of good gesture of management.

Regarding Point No 11 CGM agreed. He also suggested to conduct the meeting of joint forum once in a month.

Regarding point No 12 CGM agreed to send the proposal to Corporate office as agreed in JAC.

Regarding Point No 13 GM Admin to issue orders for the Pending 33 Cases immediately & for remaining cases will expedite the work.

Regarding Point No 14 CGM agreed & instructs GM Admin to issue orders to all SSA for the same.

Regarding Point No 15 CGM inform the house regarding present tender position.Regarding Drop Wire he agreed to procure Drop Wire from Jabalpur telecom factory as previously done.

Regarding Point No 16 after discussion the point was drop as it is not viable for BSNL.

Regarding Point No 17 a very fruit full discussion was held & very good proposals were come in.

The Meeting ended with the assurance from GM Admin to issue administrative orders on all the issues agreed by the management. As all the points were discussed & all the CS of Unions/Association were satisfied from the outcome of the meeting, Convener of Joint forum announce to withdraw the agitation notice with loud clapping from all present.

AIBSNLEA Congratulate Shri.H.S.Thakur Convener of joint Forum for resolving the long time pending issue of members. We are thankful to all CS for their Cooperation & Unity shown by them.
Regarding Trade Union Call of Joint Forum: Mangement call for meeting of Joint Action committi at 4pm. Leaders refused to have meeting with GM (Admin) and demanded to meet CGM Only. CGM gave the time of 6 pm but leaders once again refuse to meet after 6pm as it one of the demand of agenda. CGM than finally agreed to meet with leaders at 5:30 pm. Meeting was in progress when last information received.
An urgent meeting of Joint Forum of BSNL Unions & Associations of MP Circle was held on 13.11.2014 in JAC room of GMTD Bhopal. The meeting was presided by Com Sh Alok Shrivastava CS SNEA(I) MP. The reply of agenda given by Joint Forum was discussed . It was unanimously decided that MP Circle Management is biased and not willing to resolve the issues by mutual discussion. It is therefore decided to launch a Peaceful Trade Union Activity. Today a notice is being served to BSNL Management MP. All the COBs/CS/DS are requested to mobilized the members for grand success of first ever United agitation of all Unions & Associations against MP Circle Managament.

<<Click here for Notice of Trade Union Activity.>>

<<Click here for Black Badge to be weared on 18.11.2014.>>

Dist Secy/ Branch Secy ensured to get printed the Black Badges well in time.

BSNL Corporate Office issued notification of LDCE for promotion to the grade of SDE(T) under 33% Quota to be held on 15.02.2015 . <<Click here for order>>
All important leaders of Joint Forum of BSNL Unions and Associations, MP Circle along with Circle President Com.H.M.Bajpai & Circle Secretary Com.Mohd.Parwez Khan met twice in the last week in the Convenorship of Com HS Thakur, CS BSNLEU MP. The meeting was Presided by Com RP Shahu, GS AIGETOA. Following 17-point letter has been submitted to CGMT MP Circle, signed by CSs of BSNLEU, NFTE, SEWA-BSNL, AIBSNLEA, SNEA (I), AIGETOA and AIBSNLOA. View the letter.
AIBSNLEA MP Circle wishes a Very Happy & Prosperous “Dipawali 2014” to one and all.

Circle office Bhopal issued appointment order in the cadre of JTOs of LICE. <<Click here for order>>
BSNL Corporate office endorsed DPE letter for increase of IDA w.e.f. 01.10.2014 (Revised @ 98.1% w.e.f. 01.10.2014). <<Click here for order>>
District Conference of Vidisha SSA was held on 05.09.2014 under the Chairmanship of Our beloved CS Shri Mohd Parwez Khan. In meeting TDM Vidisha Shri NM Tengsey, Our CP Shri HM Bajpai, CT Shri Amar Singh and DS Bhopal Shri Kamlesh Singh were also present.

New body of Vidisha SSA elected as:

1. President Shri Anil Kumar Jain SDOP Vidisha
2. Vice President Shri Pramod Pakhale PA
3. District Secretary Shri.Narayan Prasad Sharma JAO
4. Asstt District Secy-I Shri.Anurag Jain JTO.
5. Asstt District Secy-II Shri HS Baghel JTO
6. Financial Secy. Shri Hemant Rawat AO(Cash) .
7. Asstt Financial Secy. Shri Avinash Yadav JTO
8. Organising Secy. Shri Anil Pantawane AD(OL), KK Panchratan JTO
9. Executive Member Shri.VS Rajput SDE.
10. Executive Member Shri .KK Dubey SDE
11. Executive Member Shri.Ashish Soni
12. Patron Shri.MS Thakur AGM.
Joint Special General Body Meeting of AIGETOA & AIBSNLEA at Bhopal, MP on 2d Sept 2014:

Joint Special General Body Meeting of AIBSNLEA & AIGETOA held on 2nd Sept 2014 at Hotel Rajhans Regent ISBT Bhopal, MP. Members of both the Executive Associations of Bhopal and nearby SSA like Vidisha, Hoshangabad, Raisen, Shajapur, Ujjain, Rajgarh etc attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by All India President AIGETOA Shri Ravi Shil Verma. Shri Prahlad Rai (GS AIBSNLEA), Shri R P Shahu (GS AIGETOA) & Shri Pavan Akhand (AGS-III AIGETOA & CP AIGETOA MP) were present in the joint meeting from CHQ side of both the Executive Associations. Shri Prawez Khan, Advisor CHQ & CS AIBSNLEA MP Circle, Shri H M Bajpai, CP AIBSNLEA, MP Circle, Shri P N Gautam and CS AIGETOA MP Circle were also present from Circle side of both the Executive Associations. a href="jsgb02092014.html" <<Click Here for Beautiful Glimses>>

The gathering was addressed by CHQ & Circle leaders of both associations. Apart from sharing detail and status of various pending HR issues all the CHQ Leaders on dias pressed upon the unity and hard work in view of the forthcoming referendum in their address. They appealed that the office bearers of AIBSNLEA & AIGETOA at Circle/District Level should immediately form the coordination committees and they should start touring for mobilization, they assured for their best to ensure that jointly AIBSNLEA & AIGETOA should be the APEX association in BSNL after referendum.

It was emphasized by the CHQ leaders that this joint alliance of AIBSNLEA & AIGETOA should not only be the Apex Association in referendum but also winning margin should be such that there is no any scope of second number association. The motto of referendum and being number association will be served in totality only if there is no number-2 association in executive’s cadre. We must not only approach to the paid members of AIBSNLEA & AIGETOA but we must also approach to all other executives and appraise about vision and mission of this alliance of AIBSNLEA & AIGETOA so that winning margin can be increased.

Shri Sachin Rawalkar, DP Circle Office AIGETOA Bhopal extended the vote of thanks.

The function was organized by Advisor CHQ & CS AIBSNLEA MP Shri Prawez Khan and his team.

Joint meeting of AIBSNLEA MP and AIGETOA MP of Bhopal and nearby SSA ( Vidisha, Raisen, Hoshagabad & Rajgarh ) will be held at Bhopal on 02.09.2014.

GS AIBSNLEA Shri Prahlad Rai, GS AIGETOA Shri R.P.Sahu and GP AIGETOA Shri Ravi Sheel verma will address the meeting at 11 AM on 02.09.2014. You are requested to attend the meeting. ( Lunch will follow ).

Venue :- Umang hall
Hotel Rajhans regent ,
Interstate Bus Terminal,
Near Chetak Bridge Bhopal.

Joint Meeting of AIGETOA & AIBSNLEA.

A Joint Meeting of both the executives associations held on 19th July 2014 at 6.30pm at Bhopal.

The Joint Meeting of AIBSNLEA & AIGETOA held under the Chairmanship of GS AIGETOA CHQ Shri R P Shahu. From AIBSNLEA side, CP AIBSNLEA MP Shri H M Bajpai, CS AIBSNLEA MP Shri Mohd Parwez Khan & from AIGETOA Side, CP MP/AGS Shri Pavan Akhand, CS MP Shri P N Gautam, CFS Shri Devendra Saini, CWC Shri S K Pathak, CWS Shri Vinit Sinha, DS CO BPL Shri Pankaj Watti & DP CO BPL Shri Sachin Rawalkar were present.

As desired by CHQ of both the executive associations, a coordination committee was formed at Circle Level as follows:

AIGETOA & AIBSNLEA Coordination committee MP Circle.

1. CP AIBSNLEA, Shri H M Bajpai (9425432217)

2. CS AIBSNLEA, Shri Parwez Khan (9425001163)

3. CP AIGETOA, Shri Pavan Akhand (9424726666)

4. CS AIGETOA, Shri P N Gautam (9424522700)

5. CFS AIBSNLEA, Shri Amar Singh (9425603531)

6. CFS AIGETOA, Shri Devendra Saini (94245923499)

It was further decided that in the same fashion Branch/District level co-ordination committees will be formed in MP Circle. ACS of both the associations will coordinate the branch/district level committees.

This coordination committee at circle level will visit the branch/Districts when & where required.

Joint Agenda letter will be given to CGMT MP Circle soon & further seeking the meeting for the issues related to executives in MP Circle.

Circle Office Bhopal issued followings order on 05-06-2014.

1. Transfer and Posting in the cadre of of JTO & SDE. <<Click here for order>>

2. Regarding assigning the looking after arrangement to SDEs for the post of DEs. <<Click here for order>>

Circle Office Bhopal issued order Regarding assigning the looking after arrangement to SDEs for the post of DEs. AIBSNLEA MP heartly wishes our beloved Circle Secretary Sh Mohd Parvez Khan to get DE promotion and also to the other members of Association who got promoted. <<Click here for order>>
Circle Office Bhopal issued followings order on 02-05-2014.

1. Transfer/Posting of Sh S. K. Tamrakar DE under GMTD Jabalpur to GM (CM) Jabalpur alongwith look after charge of TDM Shahdol. <<Click here for order>>

2. Transfer and Posting Sh MV Khan DE LA TDE Rajgarh to GMTD Bhopal and Sh RBL Shrivastava DE(TaskForce) Rajgarh to TDE Rajgarh. <<Click here for order>>

3. Transfer and posting order in the cadre of JAG. <<Click here for order>>

Circle Office Bhopal issued order regarding Request Transfer & Posting in the cadre of JTOs/SDEs/DEs of all other SSAs. <<Click here for order>>
Circle Office Bhopal issued order regarding relieving of officers under transfer within circle/ out of circle. <<Click here for order>>
Circle Office Bhopal issued Inter Circle Transfer under Rule-8 in the Cadre of JTO. <<Click here for order>>
Circle Office Bhopal issued order Regarding re-arrangement of JTO (Electrical) / SDE (Electrical). <<Click here for order>>
Circle Office Bhopal issued order Regarding furnishing of VC proform/ performance report for review of look after arrangement in DE cadre. <<Click here for order>>
Circle Office Bhopal issued Stay particulars of Addl GMs/ DGMs and AGM/Des ( STS) of telecom operation stream regarding. <<Click here for order>>
Circle Office Bhopal issued followings order on 29-03-2014.

Posting of TTAs as JTO after completion of field training. <<Click here for order>>

The transfer and posting order in the cadre of JTOs/SDEs/DEs of Bhopal SSA. <<Click here for order>>

The transfer and posting order in the cadre of JTOs/SDEs/DEs of Indore SSA. <<Click here for order>>

The transfer and posting order in the cadre of JTOs/SDEs/DEs of Gwalior SSA. <<Click here for order>>

The transfer and posting order in the cadre of JTOs/SDEs/DEs of Jabalpur SSA. <<Click here for order>>

The transfer and posting order in the cadre of JTOs/SDEs/DEs of other than Bhopal,Indore, Gwalior & Jabalpur SSA. <<Click here for order>>

Circle Office Bhopal issued followings order on 28-03-2014.

Implementation of the principle of “No Work No Pay” <<Click here for order>>

Regarding assigning the looking after arrangement to SDEs for the post of Des. <<Click here for order>>

Circle Office Bhopal issued followings order on 27-03-2014.

Regarding furnishing of VC Performa/performance report for review of looking after arrangement in the DE Cadre. <<Click here for order>>

TBP of E1 to E2 of telecom executives. <<Click here for order>>

TBP of E2 to E3 of telecom executives. <<Click here for order>>

TBP of E3 to E4 of telecom executives. <<Click here for order>>

TBP of E4 to E5 of telecom executives. <<Click here for order>>

BSNL Corporate Office New Delhi issued order regarding Declaration of Holiday on 14th April 2014- Bithday of Dr B. R. Ambedkar. <<Click Here for Order>>
Circle Office issued order regarding “Withdrawn of letter for one day salary cut” in persuation with letter issued by United Forum of BSNL Unions and Associations. <<Click Here for Order>>
A meeting of All the Circle Secretary of all Unions and Associations was held at 12:30 hrs at Conference Hall Circle office Bhopal and unanimously decided that to protest against the said order. A representation has submitted to CGM MP Circle for “No deduction of one day salary without consent of employee in MP Circle. <<Click Here for Letter>>
AIBSNLEA strongly condem the order of CGM MP regarding one day salary cut for the month of Mar-2014. An urgent meeting of All Unions and Associations with GM (Admin) is scheduled at 12:30 hrs for immediate withdrawl at Conference Hall Circle office Bhopal. Ensure that cent percent our members should refuse.
AIBSNLEA MP Circle wishes a Very Happy & Prosperous “Holi 2014” to one and all.

Report of Special General Body Meeting at Telecom Factory,BRBRATTC Jabalpur ,T&D Circle & GMTD Jabalpur Branch. 1. Meeting at Telecom Factory Jabalpur: Special General Body Meeting of Telecom Factory Jabalpur was held on 26th February 2014 in the conference hall of Telecom factory, GS Com.Prahlad Rai along with Circle President M.P.Circle Com H.M. Bajpai, Circle Secretary Md. Parwez Khan, Circle Treasurer Com Amar Singh attended the meeting. Meeting was attended by all the executives of Telecom Factory.GM TF Com.& Shri Jaswant Singh President TF Branch & Shri Narender General Manager Telecom Factory were present. Branch Secretary Com.S.M.Prasad outlines the issues of Telecom Factory .Circle President MP Circle Com. HM Bajpai in his address give stress on the fourth coming membership verification. & appeal to work hard for it.In his address Circle Secretary Com. Parwez Khan advocated the demand of Secretary TF for considering the demand of Branch Secretary TF in respect of HR issues.

Com Prahlad Rai GS, AIBSNLEA, CHQ addressed and briefed on going activities related to CPCs of various disciplines . He informed regarding promotion orders to fill up about 26 SDE's (TF) posts, from JTO (TF) to SDE (TF).He also explained about E-2 & E-3 IDA pay scales and resolution of 2007 and 2008 batchs pay anomaly.

<<Click Here for Beautiful Glimses>> 2. Meeting at BRBRAITTC Jabalpur: In his second assignment GS reached AB Hall BRBATTC Jabalpur to address the trainees who were in ongoing training from TTA to JTO.The hall was jam packed to cpacity.The trainees were from Madhya Pradesh, Bihar & Gujrat. The office bearers of BRBRATTC Jabalpur,District Secretary GMTD Jabalpur Shri P.S.Rathore,CWC Member Kailash Nayak, Branch Secretary TF Shri Prasad were also present. GS Shri Prahlad Rai,Circle President BRBRAITTC Shri Pagare, Circle President MP Shri HM Bajpai, Circle Secretary MP Shri Parwez Khan were welcomed by the organizers. The Stage was also shared by All India SANATTA President Shri Manish Samadhiya, there CHQ Office Bearer Tejas Tadsare, Central Co-coordinator Shri Yogesh Bakshi,Circle secretary MP Shri Shiraj Qureshi, Circle Secretary Bihar Shri Shehnawaz Akhtar,Circle Secretary Gujrat Shri Sandeep Solanki, ADS GMTD Bhopal Shri Ravi Krishnan. CWC Member AIBSNLEA Shri Kailash Nayak Welcomed the young JTO's & Garland them. CP BEBATTC Shri Pagare presented the welcome Speech CP MP Circle Com. HM Bajpai in his address outline the functioning of AIBSNLEA & appeal to join & strength the hands of AIBSNLEA in the coming membership verification. <<Click Here for Beautiful Glimses>> 3. Meeting at T&D and GMTD Jabalpur: In the evening GS addressed the Spl.GB of T&D Circle & GMTD Jabalpur branch in the seminar hall of T&D Circle. Large number of members attended the meeting.Shri N.D.Gupta President T&,D Branch.Branch Secretary Shri Rhul Dongre were present. Direct recruit JTO Shri Pradeep Chourasey, Shri Piyush Soni & Shri Praveen Kumar actively participated in the meeting & gave useful suggestions. The meeting was anchored by Organising secretary T&D Circle Shri D.K.Khare. GS thank the organizers for conducting the very successful programme in a very short notice. In the evening GS return back to CHQ.

The programme was conducted by CS MP Circle Shri Parwez Khan. His 'shayri' give pleasant effect & every enjoyed it.

Circle Office Bhopal issued followings order on 18-02-2014.

Look after Arrangement in the grade/post of AOs in M.P. Circle – reg... <<Click here for order>>

Look after Arrangement in the grade/post of CAOs in M.P. Circle – reg... <<Click here for order>>

Circle Office Bhopal issued list of Applications received from SSAs for Request Transfer in the cadre of JTOs/SDEs/DEs. <<Click Here for List>>
Circle Office Bhopal issued followings order on 10-02-2014.

Reversion order of AGMs/DEs (Look After). <<Click here for order>>

Promotion order in the cadre of DE(Look After). <<Click here for order>>

Circle Office Bhopal Transfer/ Posting in the cadre of Accounts & Finance Executives-reg. <<Click Here for Order>>
Circle Office Bhopal issued followings order on 04-02-2014.

1st TBP of E1 to E2 of 3 telecom executives, without any undertaking regarding provisional revision of pay-scales. <<Click here for order>>

1st TBP of E1 to E2 of 4 telecom executives, with an undertaking regarding provisional revision of pay-scales. <<Click here for order>>

1st TBP of E2 to E3 of 3 telecom executives, without any undertaking regarding provisional revision of pay-scales. <<Click here for order>>

2nd TBP of E2 to E3 of 55 telecom executives, with an undertaking regarding provisional revision of pay-scales. <<Click here for order>>

2nd TBP of E3 to E4 of 30 telecom executives, without any undertaking regarding provisional revision of pay-scales. <<Click here for order>>

Circle Office Bhopal issued Guidelines for filling out Annual Performance Appraisal Reports (APARs) of employees in BSNL -Reg <<Click Here for Order>>
Circle Office Bhopal issued stay particulars of JTO/SDE/DE at Bhopal/Indore/Gwalior/Jabalpur and at all remaining SSAs. <<Click Here for Order>>
IDA Increase wef 01-01-2014 is 5%:- BSNL CO has endorsed DPE orders revising IDA from 85.5% to 90.5% w.e.f. 1.1.2014. <<Click Here for Order>>
AIBSNLEA MP Circle wishes a Very Happy & Prosperous "Eid Milad-ul-Nabi" & "Makar Sankranti" 2014 to one and all.

A Grand 4th General Body Meeting of Telecom Factory Jabalpur was held the other day. Shri Kailash Nayak CWC Member represents the Circle & was present in the meeting.

The election of new Office Bearers was conducted under the guidence of Shri T.D.Pandey Ji & following body was elected unanimously.

1. President Shri Jaswant Singh DGM
2. Vice President-I Shri R.K.Shrivastav SDE
3. Vice President-II Shri R.K.Jain A.O
4. District Secretary Shri S.M. Prasad Sr.SDE
5. Asstt District Secy Shri K.I. Tomy A.O.
6. Asstt District Secy Shri P.K.Maniktala Sr.SDE
7. Financial Secy. Shri Swadesh Singh JAO .
9. Organising Secy. Shri M.V. Xavier PA
11. Executive Member Shri S.K. Narula SDE.
12. Executive Member Shri K.S. Rao PA.
13. Executive Member Shri S.N.Yadav CAO.
14. Executive Member Shri Umesh Jain JAO.
15. Executive Member Shri S. Nandi AGM.
With extreme grief, we bring to you the sad news of untimely demise of 23 yrs old Ku Preeti daughter of our member Sh Prakash Babu Batham AO Gwalior on 09.01.2014. We pray almighty for soul to rest in peace and give courage to the parents to bear the loss.
MP Telecom Circle has revised the posting on SDE to Adhoc DE Promotion order of Shri G Devendran, SDE, who has joined MP from Karnataka Circle. <<Click Here for Order>>
DPE issued order regarding Increase (5%) of IDA of Board Level & Below Board Level Executives including Non Unionised Supervisors In CPSEs (DPE OM No.02/0002/2014-DPE(WC)-GL-I/14) w.e.f. 01.01.2014 <<Click Here for Order>>
Honorable CGMT MP Circle Sh NK Yadav has been pleased to announce "Bharat Sanchar Seva Padak Award-2013" to Shri T.R. Deharia , CAO Indore MP in Executive Category-II and “Vishishtha Sanchar Seva Padak 2012-13” to Shri Rajesh Gupta, SDE (IT) Circle Office Bhopal for their Outstanding Performance and Contribution towards BSNL..

AIBSNLEA MP Circle wishes a Very Happy & Prosperous “ NEW YEAR 2014” to one and all.

Circle Office Bhopal issued followings orders on 27.12.2013.

Look after arrangement from JTOs to SDE (T) – Vigilance clearance and Performance Report—regarding. <<Click here for order>>

Partial modification in the unit of posting on promotion to SDE (T) of Shri AMAR RAI BOUDHA is revised to GMTD Gwalior. <<Click here for order>>

Redistribution of work in the cadre of AGM/DE. <<Click here for order>>

Circle Office Bhopal issued followings orders on 26.12.2013.

Posting on Promotion of the Executives SDE (Telecom) to the Executives in AGM/DE of Telecom Operation Stream in the IDA Scale of Rs. 29100-54500/--on purely temporary and adhoc basis regarding. <<Click here for order>>

Incentive for acquiring fresh higher qualification clarification regarding.. <<Click here for order>>

A Grand 4th General Body Meeting of GMTD Jabalpur was held the other day.

The election of new Office Bearers was conducted under the Chairmanship of Shri Kailash Nayak CWC Member & following body was elected unanimously.

1. President Shri R.S.Yadav, Sr.AO, WTR Jabalpur.
2. Vice President-1 Shri.Yashwant Singh, Sr.AO, GMTD Jabalpur.
3. Vice President-2 Smt.Anshu Tiwari , DE Plg. GMTD Jabalpur
4. District Secretary Shri.P.S.Rathore , DE Phones, GMTD Jabalpur.
5. ADS ) Shri M.N.B.Nambiar, PS To GMTD, GMTD Jabalpur.
6. ADS Shri R.S.Sondhiya, SDE, GMTD Jabalpur.
7. ADS Shri A.K.Namdeo, J.A.O. GMTD Jabalpur.
8. Financial Secy. Shri . Samesh Kumar Shrivastav ,JAO, GMTD Jabalpur.
9. Asst.Financial Secy. Shri . Vimlesh Soni ,JAO, GMTD Jabalpur.
10. Org. Secy. Shri.D.K.Pandey, AO, GMTD Jabalpur.
11. Executive Member Shri.J.P.Shuklal, CAO, TDM Narsinghpur.
12. Executive Member Shri .M.A.Quadri, SDOP, Katni.
13. Executive Member Shri.Jagdish Patel, JAO,Mandla.
14. Executive Member Shri.M.Ganesh,JAO,Damoh.
15. Executive Member Shri.Subhash Jaiswar,JAO,Seoni.
Circle Office Bhopal issued followings orders on 24.12.2013.

Transfer and posting in the Cadre of SDE. <<Click here for order>>

Promotion of JTOs to the grade of SDE (Telecom) in BSNL against 67% seniority-cum-fitness quota (Promotion quota)- regarding left out JTOs of DPC 2011. <<Click here for order>>

Circle Office Bhopal issued posting of Shri M.G. Hussain DE Task Force Raisen, as a "TDE RAISEN"with immediate effect. <<Click here for order>>
Circle Office Bhopal issued followings order on 18.12.2013.

Transfer and posting of Shri AB Pandey DE under TDM Vidisha to GMTD Bhopal. <<Click here for order>>

Transfer and posting of Shri AK Pandey DE under TDM Rewa to GMTD Hoshangabad. <<Click here for order>>

Circle office Bhopal Called Volunteers for posting of teaching staff in CTTC Indore. <<Click here for order>>
BSNL Corporate Office issued order for Residential Service Telephone Connection over FTTH-reg. <<Click here for order>>
AIBSNLEA consistent efforts yielded result in getting released the order for purchase of Executive Diary-2014 for BSNL Executives. The Competent Authority has withhold the earlier order regarding the practice of printing and supply of diaries to the executives for the calendar year:2013 as a part of austerity measures vide BSNL CO letter no. 4-5/2012-Admn.II dated 14.12.2012.

The Competent Authority has approved to withdraw the said decision for the purchase of diaries for the calendar year 2014 and decided that the diaries for 2014 may be purchased. <<Click here for order>>

Circle Office Bhopal issued followings order on 05.12.2013.

Redistribution of work in the cadre of AGM/DE. <<Click here for order>>

Local officiating promotion of TTAs to the grade of JTO. <<Click here for order>>

Local transfer order in the cadre of AGM/DE . <<Click here for order>>

Circle Office Bhopal issued followings order on 30.11.2013.

Promotion of JTOs to the grade of SDE(Telecom) in BSNL against 67% seniority-cum-fitness quota(Promotion quota)- regarding left out JTOS of DPC 2011. <<Click here for order>>

Preparatory work for promotion to the grade of DGM (T) on Adhoc basis. <<Click here for Order>>

Regarding DPC Schedule for advance processing of executive”s Time Bound IDA scale UP-gradation casesb maturing during 1stJan 2014 to 30stJune 2014. <<Click here for Order>>

Circle Office Bhopal issued followings order on 27.11.2013.

Transfer and Posting in the cadre of AGM/DE. <<Click here for order>>

Cancellation order of JTOs to the grade of SDE (Telecom) in BSNL under Competitive Quota(33%) on basis of LDCE held on 04.03.2012 <<Click here for Order>>

Regular Promotion to the executives in AGM/DE of Telecom Operation Stream in the IDA Scale of Rs. 29100-54500/-- regarding. <<Click here for Order>>

CO Bhopal issued Regular promotion to the Executives in AGM/DE of Telecom Operation Stream in the IDA Scale of 29100-54500/-- regarding. <<Click here for Order>>
CO Bhopal issued modification transfer in the grade of SDE(T). <<Click here for Order>>
A Grand 4th All India Conference concluded at 9pm on 12-11-13 at Sapkal Knowledge Hub, Nashik.Wonderful arrangement & Historical Open session which will be remembered for years to come.

The election of new Central Office Bearers was conducted under the Chairmanship of Shri Keshav Raova Rao Election Officer and Shri Guruprasad and Rajendra Prasad as Asstt. Election Officers who were nominated by the house. The following Office Bearers were elected unanimously.

1. President Shri P. Venugopal, DGM(F), Salem, Tamil Nadu.
2. Vice President-1 Smt. Baby Rani, SDE Thrissur, Kerala.
3. Vice President-2 Shri A. G. Joshi, SDE Pune.
4. General Secretary Shri Prahlad Rai, AGM(NWP CFA), BSNL CO, New Delhi.
5. AGS (Engg.) Shri Sai Baba, DE, Hyderabad Telecom. District.
6. AGS (Finance) Shri Vasudeva Chakravarthy, CAO, CTD.
7. AGS (Civ./El./Arch./TF.) Shri S.K. Jenna, SDE (Civil), Sambalpur, Odissa.
8. AGS (General),/td> Shri K.P. Nair, PA, Kalyan.
9. AGS (HQ) Shri N L Sharma, AGM, BSNL C.O., New Delhi.
10. Financial Secy. Shri T C Jain, A.O. BSNL C.O., New Delhi.
11. Asstt. FS Shri Alkendra Singh, D.M. (El.), PGM (EW) BSNL CO, ND.
12. Org. Secy. (N) Shri Devesh Sharma, JTO, Alwar, Rajasthan.
13. Org. Secy. (S) Shri S R Patil, DE, Bangalore TD.
14. Org. Secy. (E) Shri Bijoy Bhatacharaya, JTO, Silligudi, WB.
15. Org. Secy. (W) Shri C.M. Saste, DE ITPC Pune.
16. Auditor Shri Bhagwan Singh DM (NWP CFA) BSNL CO, ND.
In addition to the above Central Office Bearers the following Advisors were also elected unanimously.

1. Advisor-East Shri Prasun Mukherjee, CTD.
2. Advisor- West Shri M.M. Kanani, Ahmedabad.
3. Advisor-North Shri Karan Singh, Rajasthan.
4. Advisor- South Shri V K. Paramashivam, Tamil Nadu.
5. Advisor-Central Shri Mohd.Parwez Khan, MP.
6. Advisor-Head Quarter Shri Satishkumar, Delhi.
7. Advisor (Legal) Shri B. Ravindranath Karnataka.

Newly elected central office bearers were congratulated and felicitated by the Host Circle. The resolution was moved to appreciate the efforts made by Maharashtra Circle comrades for making very good boarding and lodging arrangements and comradely care. At the closure of the AIC meeting, Com. Prahlad Rai, G.S. and Comrade P. Venugopal, President CHQ thanked all the participants and the Circle President & Circle Secretary of Maharashtra Circle all the organizing committee members and the members of Maharashtra Circles for making the 4th All India Conference a grand success by their useful deliberations. In last he declared closure of the 4th AIC.

The house adjourned cine die at 21.00 hours by thundering slogans : AIBSNLEA – UNITY – ZINDABAD! AIBSNLEA ZINDABAD! BSNL ZINDABAD! The Comds.of Madhya Pradesh thank GS for giving representation of Circle in newly formed CHQ Body. A record number of delegates participated in AIC from Madhya Pradesh.

Circle Office Bhopal issued order regarding Grant of Special CL to the Circle Office bearers i.e. Circle President, Circle Secretary, Finance Secretary & CWC Members & Branch Secretary & Elected Delegates in all branches of AIBSNLEA MP Circle for attending the All India Conference to be held at Nasik from 09thNov 2013 to 12th Nov 2013. <<Click here for Order>>
CS write letter to CGMT MP Telecom Circle for granting Special C/L to office bearers of AIBSNLEA MP for attending 4th AIC to be held from 10/11/2013 to 12/11/2013 in Nasik, Maharashtra. <<Click here for Letter>>
As per notification from CHQ the 4th All India Conference of All India Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited Executives’ Association (AIBSNLEA) will be held from 10/11/2013 to 12/11/2013 in Nashik, Maharashtra. <<Click here for Notification>>
With extreme grief, this is to bring to the notice of all viewers the sad news of the demise of father of Shri B Vijay Kumar, our circle Vice President & AGM (Co-ordination) Khandwa on 21.10.2013 at 1145 hours. The funeral will take place at Palani, Tamil Nadu on 22.10.2013 at 1500 hours. AIBSNLEA prays to the Almighty to provide his family with sufficient strength and courage to tide over the crisis and for bearing this irreparable loss. We also pray so that the eternal soul rests in peace.
Circle Office Bhopal issued some of the modifications in transfer order in the cadre of SDE/SDE(L/A). <<Click here for Order>>
M.P. Telecom Circle declared result of Limited Internal Competitive Examination for promotion to the grade of JTO (T) under 35% and 15% quota held on 02.06.2013. <<Click here for Result>>
BSNL CO writes to all Executives Association regarding framing BSNL own's rules and regulations governing conduct of membership verification of executives' association in BSNL and to evolve a procedure for conduct of membership verification. <<Click here for Order>>
Circle Office Bhopal issued cancellation order in the grade of JTO(T). <<Click here for Order>>
Circle Office Bhopal required Vigilance clearance regarding Looking after arrangement from JTO to SDE (T). <<Click here for Order>>
HappyBSNLDay to all BSNL Officers/Employees by AIBSNLEA MP Circle.
IDA Increase wef 01-10-2013 is 6.6%:- According to calculations based on All India Consumer Price Index for June, July and August 2013, IDA is to increase by 6.6% w.e.f. 1.10.2013 from 78.9% to 85.5%.
Office Order: - The following transfer and posting orders are issued with immediate effect in the cadre of SDE in Circle office Bhopal. <<Click here for Order>>
AIBSNLEA congratulates Sr GMT Indore Shri G C Pandey for successfully leading his Team to clinch TWO AWARDS for MP. Corporate Office has announced BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE CENTRE AWARD for Indore SSA in M P Circle for the year 2013. Indore CSC was inaugurated by Mr M F Farooqui, Secretary DOT. During his Inaugural Speech he hailed the efforts of Shri G C Pandey , Sr GMTD Indore and his Team for utilising the almost obsolete material and making Best out of Waste. Spending meagrely an amount of Rs 29 lacs, The State-of-Art CSC was created. Sr GMTD has given the credit to the Big Team which exerted hard day and night to make The Dream Come True. The Exemplary Team work guided by Shri G C Pandey resulted in creation of THE AWARD WINNING CSC. Congrats TEAM INDORE.

Similarly DGM FINANCE Shri T R DEHARIA of Indore SSA has been selected for BHARAT SANCHAR SEWA PADAK AWARD under Executive Category II by Corporate Office for the year 2013. According to Shri Deharia the award is result of the hard work of his subordinates in various Accounts Units under him. Besides record cash collection and increase in revenue with prudent cut in expenditure, the unique recovery scheme of old outstanding wherein 1000+ staff and officers were involved including Lady Staff was successfully implemented by Shri Deharia and as a result the old o/s to the tune of Rs 2.5 crores was recovered. This scheme was brainchild of Sr GMTD Shri G C Pandey and is acclaimed by Corporate Office too. The CO has directed to implement the scheme All Over India.

All District Secretaries are requested to please immediately give the names of Delegates for all India conference for further correspondence for spl. CL
”Best Customer Service Centre Award-2013”

”SANTRUPTI” one of the Beautiful CSC Indore won ”Best Customer Service Centre Award-2013” by BSNL Corporate Office New Delhi under dynamic leadership of Shri Ganesh Chandra Pandey Sr GMTD Indore.

<<Click here for Corporate Order>>
"Bharat Sanchar Seva Padak Award-2013"

BSNL Corporate Office New Delhi has been pleased to announce "Bharat Sanchar Seva Padak Award-2013" to Shri T.R. Deharia , CAO Indore MP in Executive Category-II.

AIBSNLEA MP Circle Team Congratulate Shri GC Pandey Sr GMTD Indore and Shri TR Deharia CAO Indore MP for these achievements. <<Click here for Corporate Order>>
Circle Office Bhopal issued modified transfer order of Shri Sanjay Kapoor SDE(T) CO BPL. <<Click here for Order>>
A meeting of District level representatives of AIBSNLEA Shahdol was held on 10.09.2013 for Election of office bearers of AIBSNLEA Shahdol SSA. The Elected Body of Shahdol SSA as follows:
1. President Shri Ganpati Mourya AO
2. Vice President-I Shri M.L. Rathour SDE
3. Vice President-II Shri P. Jhingran SDE
4. District Secretary Shri V.S. Chouhan SDO
5. Assitt District Secretary Shri P.K. Mishra AO
6. Finance Secretary Shri D.K.Gour JTO
7. Organizing Secretary Shri R.K. Jaiswal SDE
8. Auditor Shri A.K. Gade JTO
9. Executives Members Shri P. Kushwaha SDE, Shri R.K. Mire SDE, Shri S.K. Pande SDE, Smt Rekha Dhruw SDE, Shri Ajay Dave JAO, Shri S.K. Shrivastava JAO.
The CEC of MP Circle proposed for 27th & 28th of September at Bhopal is postponed, the new date will be shortly announced.
Circle Office Bhopal issued retaintion order of Shri Hariom Shivhare under GM (CM) Bhopal at Morena in MP Circle up to 31.03.2014. <<Click here for Order>>
Circle Office Bhopal issued followings order on 29.08.2013.

Regarding submission of APARs for the period 2009-10 to 2012-13 of Group “B” and “A” officers up to DGMs for entries in HRMS Package. <<Click here for Order >>

Temporary transfer of Shri Anchal Kumar Vaish, JTO (HRMS No. 200903494) from Madhya Pradesh Telecom Circle to UP (East) Telecom Circle reg. <<Click here for Order >>

Review of Local officiating promotion from TTA to JTO. <<Click here for Order>>

AIBSNLEA MP Circle wishes a Very Happy “Janamasthami” to one and all.

"May Lord Krishna Drizzle All The Benediction On you and Your family on the Festival of JANAMASHTAMI".

Circle Office called volunteers for the post of DE/SDE (Vigilance) in GMTD Indore and SDE (Vigilance) in the O/o GMTD Ujjain up to 10.09.2013. The officer applying for the above post should have at least three years of service remaining before retirement. <<Click here for letter and Bio-data format>>
BSNL Corporate Office issued Revised norms of materials for maintenance of Landline. <<Click here for Norms>>
Circle Office issued retention order up to 31.03.2014 of JTOs to the grade of SDE (Telecom) in BSNL under Competitive Quota(33%) on basis of LDCE held on 04.03.2012 <<Click here for Order>>
M.P. Circle issued Posting on promotion of the Executives SDE (Telecom) to the Executives AGM/DE of Telecom Operation Stream in the IDA Scale of Rs.29100-54500/-.on purely temporary and adhoc basis regarding. <<Click here for Order>>
AIBSNLEA MP Circle wishes Happy Raksha Bandhan.

AIBSNLEA MP Circle wishes a Very Happy & Prosperous “Independance Day” to one and all.
M.P. Circle issued Appointment of Junior Accounts Officer on probation under 40% quota consequent on completion on 4 week of phase-I Induction training. <<Click here for Order>>
M.P. Circle issued Transfer and posting in the grade of AO – regarding. <<Click here for Order>>
AIBSNLEA MP Circle wishes a Very Happy, Prosperous & Holy festival “Eid-ul-Fitr” to one and all.
M.P. Circle issued Promotion & Posting of the DE/AGM to grade of DGM (Pay scale of 32900-58000) in Telecom Operations Stream on purely on temporary and adhoc basis. <<Click here for Order>>
BSNL Corporate Office issued Circular regarding Revised table for fixation of Pay as on 01.01.2007 in respect of Executives and Non-Executives. <<Circular for Executives>> << Circular for Non-Executives>>
DPE issued order for payment of DA at Revised Rates w.e.f. 01.07.2013 for Board Level and Below Board Level Executives Including Non Unionised Supervisors In Central Public Sector Enterprises (CPSEs) <<Click Here for Order>>
M.P. Circle issued Promotion & Posting of JTOs to the grade of SDE (Telecom) under Competitive quota (33%) on the basis of Limited Departmental Competitive Examination held on 04.03.2012.

<<Click Here for Promotion to SDE Regular of MP Circle to MP Circle>>

<<Click Here for Promotion to SDE Regular of MP Circle to Other Circle.>>

Circle office Bhopal issued Request Transfer & Posting in the cadre of JTOs/SDEs of different SSA of MP Circle. <<Click Here for Order>>
Circle office Bhopal issued Transfer & Posting in the cadre of JTOs/SDEs. <<Click Here for Order>>
Circle office Bhopal issued Transfer & Posting in the cadre of JTOs/SDEs of Bhopal . <<Click Here for Order>>
Circle office Bhopal issued Transfer & Posting in the cadre of JTOs/SDEs of Jabalpur . <<Click Here for Order>>
Circle office Bhopal issued Transfer & Posting in the cadre of JTOs/SDEs of Gwalior. <<Click Here for Order>>
Circle office Bhopal issued Transfer & Posting in the cadre of JTOs/SDEs of Indore . <<Click Here for Order>>
DOT Secretary Shri M.F.Farooqi Inaugurated 'PillEx' on 22nd June 2013 at Arera Exchange. PillEx (Pillar-Exchange) is an Innovation of Bhopal Telephones by using unused materials for making a small exchange in a outdoor battery canopy , equipped with CDOT An-RAX and DSLAM. <<Click Here for Beautiful Glimses>>
Dear Comrades,As you all are aware that thousand & thousands of people of Badri Nath,Kedar Nath,Utranchal Pradesh & Himachal Pradesh are badly affected by Flood. I request all the Members & Well Wishers & Viewers of this Web Site to please Donate in the Prime Minister Relief Fund.Its my humble Suggestion that please donate the pay increase for the month of June due to implementation of 78.2% in PM’s Relief Fund to help flood victims. Please e-mail your name so that we proudly publish it on our web site. Comradely Your’s Parwez Khan Circle Secretary MP Circle.
A Grand Successful Mass Dharna on 05-06-2013 at CGMT Office Bhopal on the call of forum of BSNL Unions and Associations with great enthusiasm and active participation of BSNL Employees. It has given a message for great success of proposed strike wef 12-06-2013. <<Click Here for Photos>>
A very fruitful meeting was held with GM Admin & thereafter with CGM MP Circle Shri.N.K.yadav.Top leaders of all the Unions/Associations(Except SNEA) were present. The issue was resolved as both the demands were settled.CGM apprised in the meeting about the present financial status of MP Circle BSNL,all assured him for full co-opration.AIBSNLEA congrates & thanks all the leaders of all associations & unions for showing Unity on the issue & hope for the same in future.  
Be prepared for 5th June 2013 Dharna at all District Head quarters. It is decided in the Joint Action Committee Meeting that at least 5 Comrades (preferably the office bearers) should sit on dharna by taking CL.DS are requested to finalize the names & apply for CL immediately.
GM Adnin MP Circle had called a meeting of all Union/Association today at 4pm regarding notice given after 17th May incident.
With great Sorrow, this is to intimate that The Father of Shri Amar Singh CT AIBSNLEA MP has expired today Afternoon. His Cremation will take place at 5.45 pm at Subhash Nagar Cremation ground today.
77 JTO(Officiating) Join AIBSNLEA GS welcome them by garlanding.Shri Ravi Krishnan’s efforts in this regards were appreciated by GS. AIBSNLEA MP Circle Welcome them & assure whole heartedly support on all the circle issues of these comrades
A Grand Successful Special general body meeting of our association was arranged on 25-5-2013 at Hotel Shagun.The GB was blessed by our beloved General secretary Shri.Prahlad Rai.Circle office bearers of SEWA,AIGETOA,FNTO,NFTE & BSNLEU were also present in the meeting.GS replied to queries made by members. In his speech he covered all the national issues & assured full co-operation to the circle issues.GS won the heart of everybody present their. <<Click Here for Glimpses>>

"A general Body meeting of District Bhopal was also arranged before the Spl GB addressed by GS.

"New District Body of GMTD Bhopal. "
1. President Shri SK Sharma AO
2. Vice President-I Shri Ravindra Nigam DE
3. Vice President-II Shri ST Mehmood DE
4. District Secretary Shri Kamlesh Singh SDE
5. Assitt District Secretary Shri BB Trivedi SDOP City-I
6. Finance Secretary Shri MS Iqbal SDE
7. Assitt Finance Secretary Shri Abhay Patekar AO, Shri Sunil Durwar JAO
8. Organizing Secretary Shri Ravi Krishnan JTO
9. Executives Members Smt Anjali Kale AO, Shri AS Bias DE, Shri Sudhir Asati SDE, Shri Sanjay Gupta SDE, Shri RN Tripathi AO, Shri Ashok Gupta SDE, Shri NK Mishra AO, Shri TP Gandher JTO
A Grand Successful “Lunch Hour Demonstration” on 22-05-2013 at CGMT Office Bhopal, on the call of Forum of “BSNL Unions & Associations”. <<Click Here for Photos>>
All the Circle Office bearers, Branch Secretaries & Branch Office bearers are requested to ensure 100% success of todays lunch hour Demonstration, Dharna on 5-6-13 & Indefinite strike from 12-6-13 onwards.
On the Invitation through portal & then by telephonic massage from SDE (SR) to all Circle Secretaries of all Unions/Associations to attend World telecom day function ,the Circle Secretaries of all Unions/Associations were in the function. In the function CGMT MP Circle used derogatory remarks against leaders in general & against Shri S.R.Nayak our beloved Convener of Joint forum in particular. As the function is to honour our own members the leaders present their decide to take up the matter with CGM in his chamber. All CS present in the function which includes BSNLEU, NFTE ,SEWA, AIBSNLOA,SNEA & AIBSNLEA meet CGM in his chamber & protested against the derogatory remarks passed by him against leaders in general & against Shri S.R.Nayak Convener of Joint forum in particular.CGM lost balance & what happened after this cannot be written on web site. An urgent meeting was called immediately, all the important leaders present in Bhopal attended the meeting & decide to give letter to CMD against the attitude of CGMT MP Circle.(CS SNEA did not signed the letter & informed that they will discuss & intimate). <<Click Here for Letter>>
Circle Office Bhopal issued Retention Order upto 30-04-2013 in Cadre of DE/SDE/JTO. <<Click Here for Order>>
Circle office Bhopal issued Transfer Order in the cadre of SDEs/Des. <<Click Here for Order>>
Circle office Bhopal issued letter Regarding ACRs For the period 2005-06 to 2009-10 of executives for further submission to Corporate Office New Delhi in respect of their Regular promotion of DE(T)/AGM. <<Click Here for letter>>
The CWC is attended by Circle President Shri H.M. Bajpai, Circle Secretary Shri Parwez Khan,CWC Member Shri RB Bankey and Shri Kailsash Naik. Wonderful arrangement made by Assam Cirlce.

The CWC of AIBSNLEA was started in Guwahati today,in first session Circle Secy presented the report of their Circle. Com Parwez Khan CS MP Circle in his report outline the problems of Circle which includes Transfer & Posting of Comrades of Telecom Factory Jabalpur . He also raised of Disciplinary Action against second signatory cases. He requested General Secy to intervene as inspite of clarification from Directorate, nothing is done by MP Circle Management. He also requested for reviewing the decision of Directorate for stopping the Local Officiating Arrangement in all the cadre.

Dir(HR) attended the Open Session of CWC which held at Hotel PRAG CONTINENTAL Panbazar, Guwahati on 5th [Friday] & 6th [Saturday] April'2013

Circle office Bhopal issued Request Transfer Waiting List of JTOs, SDEs and DEs Cadre on 03-04-2013. <<Click Here for Order>>
AIBSNLEA MP Circle Congratulate Shri.Mahesh Shukla Ji Sr.GMTD Bhopal for remitting Rs.116 Crore Cash. We along with All our members congratulate Shri Shukla Ji & his team specially our comrades of account side for their efforts for Achieving the 116 Crore Target.We also Congratulate our Bhopal Comrades as they are the important team mate of GMTD Bhopal & due to their efforts target have been achieved.
AIBSNLEA MP Circle Congratulate Shri.G.C.Pandey Sr.GMTD Indore for remitting Rs.114 Crore Cash. We along with All our members congratulate Shri PandeyJi for not only Achiving the 100 Crore Target but being highest in MP.We also Congratulate our Indore Commrades as they are the important team mate of GMTD Indore & due to their efforts target have been achived.
AIBSNLEA MP Circle Congratulate Shri.Mahesh Shukla Sr.GMTD Bhopal for remitting Rs.100 Crore Cash. We along with All our members congratulate Shri Shukla for beating the target & wish him to reach all heights in the remaining days of this financial year.
CEC of AIBSNLEA MP Circle was a grand success .The CEC was blessed by General Secretary Shri Prahlad Rai and Organizing Secretary West Shri CM Saste.">In the first session Circle Secretary Comd.Parwez Khan presented report of circle secretary before the Executive Committee Meeting at Indore <<Click Here for Report>> <<Click Here for Photos>>
AIBSNLEA MP Circle heartily Welcomes Our General Secretary Shri Prahlad Rai and Organizing Secretary West Shri CM Saste in the city of Mahakal.
The inauguration of CEC by General Secretary Shri PRAHLAD RAI is scheduled at 09 am on 22 Mar 2013 at Hotel Lemon Tree 3, RNT Marg Indore .The first Session of CEC will end at 11 am. The Open Session is Scheduled at 11am on 22 Mar 2013 at Hotel Lemon Tree 3, RNT Marg Indore,Shri N K YADAV Chief General Manager M P Circle will be the Chief Guest and Shri PRAHLAD RAI GS AIBSNLEA CHQ New Delhi will be tha Prominent Speaker. The topic of Open Session is Role of Group “B” Officers in Outstanding Realization and Improving Financial Status of BSNL. All the members of AIBSNLEA are cordially invited to attend the Open Session. Particularly the Comrades of Indore and nearby SSA’s are requested to attend the Open Session .
Circle office Bhopal issued confirmation of 63(Nos) JTO’s on 18.03.2013 <<Click Here for Order>>
BSNL Corporate Office issued clarification regarding DOP&T letter on applicability of Incentive for acquiring fresh higher qualification to BSNL Employees <<Click Here for Order>>
Letter written to CGMT regarding Circle Executive Committee meeting of AIBSNLEA MP Circle to be held on 22nd & 23rd March 2013 at Hotel Lemon Tree 3, RNT Marg Indore."> Click Here for Letter
AIBSNLEA MP Circle wishes Happy Retired life to all who retired today on their superannuation
Notification regarding Circle Executive Committee meeting of AIBSNLEA MP Circle is issued.CEC will take place on 22nd & 23rd March 2013 at Hotel Lemon Tree 3, RNT Marg Indore."> Click Here for Notification Our beloved General Secretary Comd.Prahladh Rai along with OS West Shri.Saste will attend. It is proposed to hold GB of GMTD Indore on 22nd at same venue.
DPE issued “Office Memorandum” on 08 Feb 2013 for Implementation of Standard IDA pay scales E-2 & E-3 to JTO and SDE Equivalent Executives in BSNL. <<Click Here for Order>>
15.02.2013:A Grand Successful “Day Long Dharna” on 15-02-2013 at CGMT Office Bhopal, on the call of Forum of “BSNL Unions & Associations”.
Day long Dharna on 15-2-2013, on the call of Forum of “BSNL Unions and Associations”.All Circle office bearers /DS/branch office bearers & active members please apply for CL & make Dharna a great success.
It is reliably learnt that minutes of DPC for officiating promotion from SDE to DE are approved by CGMT today. Orders of promotion are likely to be issued in the next week.
All the Circle Office Bearers, /Branch Secretaries are requested to ensure successful implementation of MASSIVE DEMONSTRATION during Lunch Hour today i.e. 11.02.2013(Monday) at Circle office /SSA HQs . Demanding immediate implementation of 78.2% IDA Pay fixation as per the agreement signed between BSNL Management & BSNL Unions/Associations.
Circle President Sh.H.M.Bajpai,Circle Vice President Sh.Vijay Kumar,Circle Secretary Sh.Parwez Khan,Circle Treasurer Sh.Amar Singh & CWC Member Sh.R.B.Banke attended A very Impressive Branch Conference of Ujjain GMTD.
With great sorrow we report the sad demise of DGM F Indore Sh.H.K.Mishra.We pray almighty to give courage to his family to bear this loss & pray for the soul to live in peace.
DPC for officiating promotion from SDE to DE is likely to be completed within this week.Admin section is making all efforts to issue Orders in this month. It is expected that a good number of officers will get the benefit.
A very Impressive Branch Conference of MP Circle office was organized on 11-01-2013 at Recration Club Circle office.Shri G.D.Sejkar Secretary Adhoc body MP Circle Branch with the Co-ordination & full support of Shri.A.B.Nildawar President Adhoc body MP Circle Branch organized a wonderful function. The venue was jam packed. The meeting was conducted by Shri G.D.Sejkar.The best part of the meeting was that every member was given opportunity to give his suggestion & interact with CS.After listening to all the members CS replied all the quires & tried to satisfy the members.Circle president H.M.Bajpai delivered the presidential address.Shri.D.R.Mahajan was nominated the Election officer,he smoothly conducted the election of the branch & following office bearers were elected
Office Bearers of MP Circle Office Branch
Name of Office Bearer Post
SHRI R.S. VERMA, A.O. Secretary
SHRI S.K. SHARMA, S.D.E. Finance Secretary
SHRI R.S. PARIHAR, A.O. Asst.Finance Secretary
SHRI SABIR HUSAIN, (Graduate Engineer )J.T.O. Organizing Secretary
SMT. S.D. JOSHI, A.O. Auditor
Circle Vice PresidentSh.VIJAY KUMAR Welcome Shri ANIL JAIN designated Director HR during his visit to Indore
Circle Secretary Comred Parwez Khan and circle president Com. H.M.Bajpai welcomed Mr. Anil Jain Sr. GM BB operation and designated director HR during his visit to Bhopal and have discussion on issues related to BSNL vialibility and important pending HR related issues. Then both accompanied Shri Anil Jain for his visit of Kiosk and common service centres to Sehore and Ashta.
We welcome all the Account side officers of Ujjain SSA in AIBSNLEA.We appreciate the efforts of CAO Shri.S.M.Jangir, under his leadership the decision is taken.We are thankful to all of them for showing confidence in the leadership of our beloved General Secretary Shri.Prahladh Rai ji. We also congratulate our DS Ujjain Shri.Shukla for the achievement.
Congratulations! AIBSNLEA consistent efforts yielded the result in getting released order regarding Grant of 5(five) advance increments on the minimum of revised E1 IDA pay scale of Rs. 16400-40500/- to JAO (Dept.) at par with directly recruited JTOs/JAOs. Efforts of our DS Vidisha Shri Narayan in this matter is remarkable, we congratulate him for the achievement & gives thanks for his sincere concern & efforts.
Joint Forum of Unions & Associations MP Circle Meet today & decide to Get fully prepared for Mass Dharna on 17th & 18th December. All Circle office bearers,Branch Secrataries,Branch office bearers & members are requested to be prepared with full strength to make the Dharna a great success
In Bhopal the The last day of hunger Strike was largely attended by all the members of Unions/Associations. More then 50 lady comrades were present in the pandal.In Indore more then 100 commrades were present in the pandal. In vidisha all the members of Unions/Associations were present.In ujjain,satna,Jabalpur,Shahdol,Raisen,Ratlam,Dewas etc.the last day of Hunger Strike was very Successful.We congratulate & Thanks all of them for wonderful performance during this face of agitation . Be prepared for Next round.
In Bhopal the 3rd day of hunger Strike was largely attended by all the members of Unions/Associations. During lunch hour demonstration the gathering was addressed by the convener of Forum MP Circle Comd.S.R.Nayak. In a meeting of forum after the lunch hour demonstration it was unanimously decided by the forum that Non-Cooperation movement should be intensified . It was also decided that hundred percent members should be on hunger strike on 3rd November, For this as decided earlier 10 members of each Union/Association will sit in pandal & others may be on hunger strike at their work place while performing their normal duty. It is requested not to bring their Tiffin or go for tea etc. All should wear a badge written I am on Hunger Strike (Main Bhook Hadtal par Hu)
In Bhopal a Historical and spectacular rally in which more than 350 comrades including nearly 25 lady comrades participated. They were filled with enthusiasm, shouting slogans, wearing Gandhi Caps& waving Play carts was the attraction of rally.
Rally Photo Rally Photo By seeing the enthusiasm of rally participants the organizers were filled with joy & Courage. The Highlights of Rally Are: *TI TT Nagar with his staff escorted the rally & played important role for smooth movement of rally. *10 Ft.long banner was in the front & comrades are in two rows behind It. *In center of the rows are the lady comrades. *Some of the Comrades were wearing Gandhi Caps (Now Anna fame) with slogan written such as ITS Go Back & BSNL Best Hai Humare Liye. *Hand Bills specially prepared for public to educate them with the issue & appeal to adopt BSNL services were distributed along the route. *Play Carts prepared to educate public with different services & Plans of BSNL were being carried by rally participants. *After reaching the daushera maidan the rally was converted into Aam Sabha CS SNEA (I) Comd.Dutta Majumdar read the Memorandum which was translated in Hindi by CS AIBSNLEA Comd.Parwez Khan. *At Dushera Maidan SDM Bhopal (Representing Honble’Governour of MP) received the Memorandum & assure to forward it. *Comd.SK Gupta CS AIGETOA presented Vote of thanks.* Comd.Parssai ACS BSNLEU narrated the incident of Gaziabad in which brutal & fatal attack was made on Late Commd.Sukendra Pal Singh.The gathering paid homage to Late Commd.Sukendra Pal Singh.A Two minutes silence was observed to pay the homage to late Commrade.The programme then declared for the day.
Day long Hunger strike for 6 days (10.00 Hrs. to 18.00 Hrs.) started at circle office in Bhopal.10 Members of each Union/Association along with circle secretaries sit on hunger Strike. A large number of members participated in lunch hour demonstration. Successful hunger strike programme is reported from Gwalior, Morena Ratlam, Ujjain, Shahdol, Satna, Raisen, Jabalpur & other SSA’s.
. Circle office bearers, Branch Secretaries & Branch office bearers AIBSNLEA MP Circle are requested to ensure successful implementation of agitation programmes. . Organisational Action Programmes: .11-10-2012: Lunch/Closing hour demonstration at BSNL CO, Circle/SSA HQs & Savingram campaign to Hon'ble Prime Minister, Cabinet Secretary, Hon'ble MOC& IT, Secretary(T), DoT and CMD, BSNL 15-10-2012: One Day MASS DHARANA at BSNL CO, Circle/SSA HQs. 26-10-2012: Parliament March at New Delhi, Raj Bhavan March at State Capitals and Collectorate March at District HQs. 29-10-2012 to 03-11-2012: Day long Hunger strike for 6 days (10.00 Hrs. to 18.00 Hrs.) at BSNL CO, Circle/SSA HQs involving 100% employees and Indefinite Non-Cooperation movement will start w.e.f. 29-10-2012 morning itself. In case the deputationist ITS are not relieved from BSNL by that time, the Forum has decided to go on Indefinite Strike immediately. The agitation programmes will continue till the time deputationist ITSs are relieved from BSNL. MTNL Unions/Associations will also be contacted shortly to organize Joint struggle. . The meeting of MP Circle forum will be arranged soon to ensure successful implementation of agitation programme.
AIBSNLEA MP Circle is shocked to post the Sad News of untimely demise of the only son of Shri NK Yadav CGMT MP Circle in the early hours of 02.10.2012 ..It was due to a fatal road accident at Manipal .He was doing his BE in Mechanical Engineering their. The news of his accident came in early morning to CGMT.CGMT was on tour to Delhi, from their he rushed to Manipal.By 8’O Clock the shocking news of his demise came in, at that time CGMT was on board in the flight.Every one who heard was in shock & could not believe. We are helpless in front of destiny and have no other option than bearing the tragedy thrust upon one-self. We prays to almighty to provide his family with sufficient strength and courage to tide over the crisis and for bearing this irreparable loss. We also pray so that the eternal soul rests in peace.AIBSNLEA MP Circle are with the family in this hour of crisis. A condolence meeting will be arranged at 1pm in circle office by our association.
CGM MP Circle called meeting of all unions/ Associations but CS could not attend due to function in his family. Circle president Shri.Bajpai attended the meeting. In the meeting CGM called for suggestions from all the leaders regarding huge expenditure on IUC charges being paid by MP BSNL. CGM was of the opinion that on a trial basis OG calls to other operators should be barred for three months. The positive thought of CGM behind this was that the personnel circle of all the BSNL employees should be encouraged to take BSNL SIM. CGM strongly put his point & was of the opinion that only SSA Heads should be exempted from barring of OG calls to other operators. Everyone present in the meeting should have clarified their stand on the issue in the meeting itself, but no one reacted against it. After the meeting a SMS is floated today & Circle Secretary of so called Association of largest member based association tried to take the advantage of situation & tried to defame the positive approach of CGM who is trying hard to bring MP Circle on right tracks. AIBSNLEA appreciate the positive thought of CGM & his concern for BSNL, but totally disagree regarding restricting Grp.B officers for making out going calls to operators other than BSNL. Circle Secretary AIBSNLEA had a talk with CGM today evening & apprised him with our point of view. CGM was convinced with our opinion and assured not to do so . He agreed for further study in this matter and was of the opinion that view of all concerned should be taken before taking any such decision.Now it is responsibility of all of us to work hard & should try to convince our relatives, friends & well wishers to take BSNL Mobile and Landline connections and should popularize schemes launched by BSNL like unlimited all India calling on BSNL network from our Landline just for Rs. 59/- during 2200 to 0700 Hrs etc. We are thankful to CGM for resolving the issue in best spirit.
A very Impressive Branch Conference was organized by AIBSNLEA Gwalior Branch.Shri Ashok Singhal organizing secretary MP Circle with the Co-ordination & full support of Shri A.P.Singh organized such a wonderful function. The venue was jam packed. The meeting was conducted by Shri R.V.S.Chauhan.The best part of the meeting was that every member was given opportunity to give his suggestion & interact with CS.After listening to all the members CS replied all the quires & tried to satisfy the members. Members from Morena, Shivpuri & Damoha were also present in the meeting. Circle president H.M.Bajpai delivered the presidential address.Gwlior Branch out going Branch Secretary Shri Dubey out lined his contribution during his tenure as Branch Secretary. President then dissolved the present body. House unanimously first elected the body for Morena & then for Gwalior.
Office Bearers of AIBSNLEA Morena Branch are
Name of Office Bearer Post
Shri.Omprakash Dixit President
Shri.Santosh Babu Mishra Vice President
Shri.Ram Prakash Pal Secretary
Shri.Shailendra Singh Bhaduria Asst.Secretary
Shri.Raj Kumar Jain Finance Secretary
Dharmendra Sharma Asst.Finance Secretary
Shri.Omprakash Meena Organizing Secretary
Shri.S.C.Jain Auditor
S/shri.V.S.Goyal,R.K.Gupta,M.P.Shrivastav Executive Members
Office Bearers of Gwalior Branch
Name of Office Bearer Post
Shri.A.K.Gupta President
S/ Shri.R.C.Sagr,R.V.S.Chauhan Vice President
Shri.A.P.Singh Secretary
Shri.D.S.Rathore Asst.Secretary
Shri.Ashok Singhal Finance Secretary
Shri.Arvind Chaturvedi Asst.Finance Secretary
Shri.Dharmendra Desai Organizing Secretary
Shri.S.K.Salar Auditor
S/shri.A.K.Sxena,R.P.Shakya,S.K.Mohanti,M.K.Morya,Smt.Uma Saxena Executive Members
Circle President Com.H.M.Bajpai, Circle Secretary Com.Parwez Khan & Circle Treasurer Com.Amar Singh will attend the Branch conference of Gwalior & Morena to be held on 23rd Sept.They will leave for Gwalior by Shatabdi Express on 22nd September.
An impressive Lunch Hour demonstration took place in front of Circle office Circle Secretaries of all Unions & Associations was present. A large gathering was address by them. They stress upon for the unity & appeal to fight with the management till the issue of ITS absorption is not settle.
CS Parwez Khan & CS AIGETOA Sh.Sunil Gupta Meet CGM Sh.N.K.Yadav.GM Admin Sh.Sanjeev Agarwal was also present.CGM informed that Sh.Sanjeev Agarwal & Smt.Reeta Goual who are transfered to Delhi will be relived by week end.Click here for detail.
AIBSNLEA Congratulate SSA head, Executives and Non Executives of Bhopal SSA for becoming the only SSA to achieve positive growth in Landline connection in GMTD headed SSAs and for their efforts to bring back MP Circle on rails. Click here for detail.
SSA Net Landline Achievement
Year 2012-13
Bhopal 182
Indore -110
Ujjain -211
Jabalpur -225
Itarsi -234
Ratlam -366
Morena -476
Mandsaur -901
Gwalior -1594
It is good to note that awareness regarding performance of BSNL in MP is now reflected in web sites of Executive Associations. Previously news of transfer, Posting, agitation etc.only finds the place in these websites. One should take note of latest performances of SSA’s before being”Surpirised” or make comment on Web Sites. For comparative statement of performance of First four SSA’s of MP Circle Click here
Circle president Shri H.M. Bajpai, Circle Secy Mo. Parwez khan, CWC Members Shri R.B.Bankey, CWC Members Shri Kailash Naik today left for Ahemdabad to attend All India CWC of AIBSNLEA at Ahmedabad.
Case in Jabalpuy Cat "GP Patel & others" posted today is now to be hear on 24-9-2012 due to strike of advocates.All efforts will be made to prepond the date.
Circle president Shri H.M. Bajpai, Circle Secy Mo. Parwez khan, CWC Members Shri R.B.Bankey, CWC Members Shri Kailash Naik today left for Ahemdabad to attend All India CWC of AIBSNLEA at Ahmedabad.
Special CEC of TESA(I) MP circle was held at hotel Rajhans. 100% CEC members attended the meeting. Circle Secy. TESA(I) Shri B.S Rajput and Circle Secy AIBSNLEA (MP) COm. Parwez Khan welcomed all the participants. In his keynote address Shri B.S. Rajput outlined the long jorney of TESA(I) in MP. He informed the house that when he took over the charge of TESA(I), the funds were negative. By the whole hearted efforts of all the executive committee members now TESA(I) has collected handsome amount.
He proposed the house to relinquish TESA(I) as it was decided in various conferences of AIBSNLES. His suggestion was that if house agrees , he will transfer the fund in the account of AIBSNLEA.
The resolution was passed by the house and it was decided to transfer all the fund to circle treasurer AIBSNLEA at the earliest.
Circle Secy. AIBSNLEA MP Circle in his address appreciated the efforts made by executive committee of TESA for running the association in a wonderful manner. He assured the house to follow the footprints of senior leaders of TESA(I). He also announced to honour all the CEC members of TESA(I) in the forthcoming CEC of AIBSNLEA MP Circle.
12.06.2012:Congratulations! Forum of BSNL Unions/Associations agitation call of indefinite strike w.e.f. 13th June'2012 is deferred on a written agreement reached between BSNL Management and the representatives of Forum <<Click Here for the written agreement>>
All Circle Office Bearers/ Branch Secretaries are requested to convey our greetings and thanks to all the members by arranging General Body Meetings. In Bhopal “13th June” will be celebrated as Victory & Unity day. A grand General body is organized at circle office at 1.30 pm.Circle Secretaries of all the constituents of FORUM will participate. All are invited Congratulations again.
A meeting of the Forum of BSNL Unions and Associations took place today the 11.06.2012. Decisions of the meeting are as follow.
(i) The meeting called upon the BSNL employees to successfully conduct the indefinite strike from 13-06-2012, since the Management is adamant, arrogant and is not prepared to settle the demands.
(ii) The strike will start from 00:00 hrs on 13-06-2012. It will be a stay out strike and no employee should go into the office and sign the attendance register.
All District Office Bearers, Branch Secretaries are requested to intensify the agitation call by making indefinite strike from 13th June'2012 (00.00 hrs.) a complete success.
2-6-2012 Forum of BSNL Unions/Associations MP Circle Bhopal .Meet today at JCM office CTO Building.. The representatives of Forum one by one resented and strongly demanded the implementation of DPE orders dated 26th Nov'2008 and 2nd April'2009 and revision of Allowances as per 2nd PRC recommendations and 78.2% IDA fitment benefit in the pay respectively . They also protested against the discriminatory attitude of the BSNL Management wherein Management has issued order for payment of all the allowances and pay fixation order to un-absorbed ITS Officers as per 6th CPC recommendations. Hence, Forum of BSNL Unions/Associations MP Circle Bhopal decided to continue proposed agitation programmes i.e. DHARNA on 6th June'2012 and Indefinite strike w.e.f. 13th June'2012 .It was decided that at least 10 office bearers of each Union/Association will participate in Dharna in all major SSA’s such as Bhopal,Indore,Gwalior & Jabalpur in small SSA’s at least 5 Members of each Union/Association should participate in Dharna. All the Circle Office bearers/Branch Secretaries are requested to ensure successful implementation of Forum's agitation Programmes.The meeting was presided by Sh.S.N.Sharma CS FNTO.
28-2-2012 :Our Ex Treasurer Sh.T.R.Jain is seriously ill & admitted to Hajala Hospital in Bhopal. Circle President H.M.Bajpai,Circle Secretary Parwez Khan,ACS R.K.Shrivastava,Treasurer Amar Singh & DS Bhopal Joy Daineal rushed to the hospital as soon as the massage come in. They enquired about the health of Sh.T.R .Jain who had a paralytic attack. We wish him speedy recovery & request to all to pray to god for his early recovery.
Congratulations Dharna defered.Wait for further instructions of CHQ.
14-02-2012: All the three Circle Secretaries meet today & decided to participate with full strength in proposed Dharna on 15th to 17th.They meet with GM Admin. & apprised him with the proposed agitation.
12-02-12: Decission of Joint CEC of United Forum MP Circle was strongly put in the house by all the three Circle Secretaries.
10-2-2012: A Joint CEC of all the three associations was successfully conducted. It was decided to jointly take up the decision of CEC by all the three Circle secretaries in the forth coming joint meeting at Delhi on 11th Feb.2012.CS Parwez Khan will leave for Delhi by GOA Express on 10th Evening.
08.02.2012 :: An urgent CEC of all the constituents of united forum is called on 9th feb 2012 at "Sanchar Bhawan " DOT Office near BSNL Bhawan at 5 PM. Circle office bearers, branch / District secretaries are requested to attend the meeting to discuss further strategy for CS to attend all india meeting at new Delhi proposed for 11 th Feb 12.
21-12-11: It is reliably learnt that BSNL Management is proposing RRs which will partition BSNL absorbed Executives/Non-Executives from the Unabsorbed ITS officers who defy the absorption process by framing separate set of rules of absorption in the same organization. Comrade get prepared to protest strongly Organizationally and Legally against such discriminatory attitude of the Govt./BSNL Management.
16-12-11: Congratulations to one and all for making the one day strike call by JAC 100% successful.In Bhopal,Indore,Ujjain,Jabalpur,Shadol And almost in all the SSA’s Strike was Cent percent. We received complaints in some of the SSA’s.JAC will seriously view & react.
14-12-11: JAC MP had several round of talks within itself & with GM Admin on 13-12-11 to discuss various issues prevailing in view of 15th Dec. one day strike. In the evening JAC in its full strength meet CGM & discussed the issue.JAC informed CGM that as per decision of CHQ the instructions will be followed as it is.CGM request to maintain good relations & avoid any conflict.JAC MP will meet at 12 Noon today to mobilize for 100% success of 15th Dec.Strike.At 5pm today JAC will meet CGM MP Circle. As there is no progress in settlement of most of the issues and no timeframe is given in settling the core issues like relieving of non optee Group A Officers, JAC MP decided to go ahead with the strike on 15th Dec’11. In order to register strong protest over the non relieving of non-optee Group A officers, JAC decided not to allow the entry of non optees into the office on 15th Dec. All the CHQ office bearers, CWC members, SSA/Branch Secs are requested to make all the preparations for the one day strike on 15th Dec.
8-12-11: The massive Rally should be organized in all SSA Head cooperation with other association & unions of JAC .Memorandum as published on web site may be given to district collector to day itself. Timings of Rally should be as per mutual understanding. It should be either in lunch hour or closing hours. In Bhopal massive rally will be organized at 4pm on 8-12-11 from circle office. It will cover the most commercial area of Bhopal & press complex. Banners & play carts will be carried .Press release & interview to media will be covered during the rally.
7-12-11: The JAC Madhya Pradesh meet the other day in JAC room GMTD Bhopal. Circle Secretary AIBSNLEA Comd.Parwez Khan Presided the meeting. It was decided to mobilize the members of all Executives & Non-Executives Associations/Unions to actively participate in rally to be organized on 8-12-11 in all the SSA’s/Circle office. The route of rally in Bhopal was finalized. A review meeting will be held on 7-12-11 with all the branch secretaries of all Executives & Non-Executives Associations/Unions. District Secretaries please follow the same pattern & gear up for forth coming agitation.
1-12-11: In MP Circle a very successful candle light march function was organized. In Bhopal large number of executives assembled in front of Circle office. CS AIBSNLEA Comd.Parwez Khan,CS SNEAI Comd.Dutta Majumdar,CS AIGETOA Comd.S.K.Gupta & CS AIBSNLOA Comd.G.P.Patel lead the Candle Light Mach.After the march CS AIGETOA Comd.S.K.Gupta addressed the gathering. Vote of thanks was presented by Circle President AIBSNLEA Comd.H.M.Bajpai.The function was anchored by Comd.Prashant Jha.In Indore more than 100 executives participated in Candle March.
28-11-11 In view of United forum successful Dharna & proposed agitation, BSNL Corporate Office issued letter regarding Repatriation of Group 'A' officers of various services working in BSNL back to DoT as on 28-11-2011.
22nd November 2011 : Members of the Executive Associations of BSNL of all Bhopal branches gathered at circle office gate demanding immediate repatriation of non-opted ITS officers.
21-11-11:Actively participate in DHARNA on 22nd Nov'2011. All the Circle Office Bearers, / Branch Secretaries are requested to mobilize the members for active participation in DHARNA on 22nd Nov'2011.
16-11-2011: The lunch hour demonstration in Madhya Pradesh was a great success. At all SSA Hqs.large number of members of both the association was present .In Indore members of AIGETOA & Group C & D also participate in lunch hour demonstration. In Bhopal the demonstration was held at Circle office, large number of members was present. The enthusiasm of members was sky high.Comd.H.M.Bajpai Circle President AIBSNLEA,Comd.Alok Shrivastav CWC member SNEAI,Comd.Dutta Majumdar Circle Secretary SNEAI & Comd.Parwez Khan Circle Secretary AIBSNLEA address the gathering. The leaders impress upon the members to fight till each & every deputationist is repatriated. Leaders Also apprised the members of the latest development on the issue. The programme was conducted by Comd.Prashant Jha in a very impressive manner. His innovative slogans were appreciated by every one present their.
15-11-11: All Dist.Secy.are requested to ensure 100% members participation in today’s demonstration. In the evening pl. e-mail short report of demonstration with total nos of participants. Don’t get dishearted GS had very fruitful meeting with DOT management. To strengthen the hands of CHQ to day’s demonstration is very important.
14-11-11 :All Circle Office bearers & District Secretaries are here by instructed to actively participate in the Following programme: A) Lunch/Closing hour’s demonstration at Circle/SSA Hqs.on 15th Nov.2011.B) Full day Dharna on22nd Nov.2011 at Circle/SSA Hqs. C) Massive Rallies at state Capital Hqs. (Dates will be Communicated in due course of time) District Secretaries are requested to give Joint notice to SSA Heads in the same pattern as given by CHQ & Circle.
11-11-11: We have received information of formation of SSA committees (CONTROL ROOM) in GMTD Bhopal, Indore,Ujjain, Jabalpur & TDM Narsinghpur.All DSs are instructed to form committees immediately. Area Secys to comply regarding the same immediately. It is very important for the smooth functioning of operation & Maintenance of telecom Network. Where Committees are formed immediate meetings of important sections in charge should be conducted. Care should be taken that UN interrupted telecom services should function, no harm to telecom property occurred .Awareness of members regarding major administrative decisions is needed. Discipline in subordinate staff should be maintained. Fault rectification & public complaints should be immediately deal with. If any major breakdown occurs it should be immediately report to circle control room.BTS down time should be reduced & officers responsible for mobile services should be vigilant & ensure UN interrupted & good quality service to public. Maintain unity among all officers irrespective of associations.
10-11-11 :In reference to the CHQ instructions & to register our strongest protest against this sinister move of BSNL/MTNL Management to derail absorption process, CHQ had decided to hold countrywide lunch hour Demonstration on 15th Nov.,11 and Country wide Dharna on 22nd Nov., 11 to be followed by massive countrywide rallies at Capital headquarters. All are requested to gear up for massive performance & great success of the programmes.
9-11-11 :Corporate office issued sample relieving orders for Repatriation of Group A Officers of various services working in Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited back to Department of Telecommunication. click here for details.
9-11-11 :Corporate office issued Repatriation order for 11 ITS officers in M.P.Telecom circle for relieving. click here for details
9-11-11 :The decission of all the four circle secrataries for forming committees in every SSA is in very slow pace.It is Once again requested to please immidiately form the committees.As per CHQ instructions , to register our strongest protest against BSNL management for its insistence on completing absorption in a phased manner, we are planning to hold a massive rallies in every SSA under the leadership of committees to be formed on the day orders to complete absorption in a phased manner are issued. We are determined to fight it out this time till such time each and every ITS officer not opting for BSNL is repatriated to DOT. We appeal to our Comrades throughout the state to be fully ready to fight this war like situation. We commit to our comrades that we will not sit back till our goal of repatriation of ITS who have been continuing illegitimately in BSNL for six years is accomplished. Be ready for a do or die fight to save our beloved company.
8-11-2011: (4.45PM) SR Section released Repatriation orders of ITS officers.GS AIBSNLEA & GS SNEAI are in DOT office & monitoring the situation.
8-11-11:(3PM) It is reliably learnt that contingency plan for retaining 30% ITS officers is rejected. Reliving of ITS is again delayed by one week.
8-11-2011: As per direction of CHQ Telegram to MOC,MOS & Secy.Telecom.sent
8-11-2011 : In the election held for formation of a new Executive Body of AIBSNLEA Telecom Factory Branch, Jabalpur, a new Executive Body was formed which is as below:- PRESIDENT - Shri K.L. Rohitas VICE PRESIDENT - Shri R.K. Jain SECRETARY - Shri Nitin Desai ASSTT. SECRETARY - Shri R.K. Shrivastava Shri K.S. Rao Shri Sharad Garg TREASURER - Shri Swadesh Singh ORGANISING SECRETARY - Shri S.S. Paraste Shri K.K. Tembhurne EXECUTIVE MEMBERS - Shri S.S. Khurana Shri R.G. Sapre - Shri S.N. Yadav - Shri P.K. Maniktala - Shri S.K. Pawaiya - Shri Sandeep Dagour We congratulate & wish all the best for the responsibilities.
7-11-2011 :As per directions from CHQ, all Circle office Bearers & Distt.Secrataries of AIBSNLEA MP Circle to send telegrams to MOC&IT Shri Kapil Sibbal with copy to MOS C&IT Shri Milind Deora and Secy DOT Shri R Chandrashekhar on 08.11.2011.The Matter is urgent & please do the same at the earliest. For DS telegram format, click here-->
6-11-2011: Circle Secretary Parwez Khan Meet GM Admin.Sh.Prabhash Singh on 5-11-2011 & request him for release of orders of TTA’s for officiating as JTO’s. CGM left to Delhi with contingency plan, he is expected back on 8-11-2011.It is learnt that ITS officers will be relived on 8-11-2011.
4-11-2011: It is learnt that " A very important order in reference to ITS absorprtion" is issued by DOT and endorsed by BSNL is being received very soon.. Wait for Details.
4-11-2011: An urgent meeting of circle secretaries of all four associations of MP Telecom circle held at circle office today. click here for details.
4-11-2011: Circle Secretary AIBSNLEA MP Com.Parwez Khan Appeal to all Circle Secretaries & important leaders to sit to-gether & have an urgent Meeting & discuss the present situation of BSNL & important events to come ahead.(Letter in this regard is sent to all concern) .
1-11-2011: 15th November “One day strike “is postponed to mid of December 2011. In a meeting of National JAC the decision to postpone the date is taken. The decision is taken to co-ordinate & mobilize other unions to participate in one day strike. Be prepared for “One day strike “in Mid of december date will be finalized later on.
31-10-2011: JAC MP Circle to meet on 2-11-2011 to discuss the preparation for 15th November “One day strike”.
30-10-2011: We congratulate the award winners in a function held the other day at circle office.
28-10-11 : Efforts of AIBSNLEA MP Circle Yields in getting relived Madam Garg from Vidisha & Rajesh Gupta from Shri Nagar.We are thankful to madam Rita Goyal & All India President Com. Vennugopal for the same.Efforts of Dist.President Vidisha Com.Tahir Mahmood & Dist.Secretary Vidisha Narayan Sharma in getting relived Madam Garg is highly appriciated.
27-10-11:Patron B.S.Rajput, Circle President H.M.Bajpai, Circle Secretary Parwez Khan & Circle Treassurer Amar Singh meet CGM N.K.Yadav Sb. the other day.CGM regrate for not attanding CWC being not well at that time.We present CWC Memento to CGM.He appriciated the Honour.CGM assured for early meeting with newly elected office bearers(Date will be finalized soon)
AIBSNLEA MP Circle Wishes Its Members,Their Family Members And Viewers A Very Happy & Prosporous Dipawali
23-10-2011 : The 3rd Circle conference of All India BSNL Executives’ Association MP Circle was held on 20th day of October 2011 at Community Hall BRBRAITT Jabalpur.At 11am the flag hoisting ceremony was performed by circle president Com.H.N.Bajpai.In his address Com.Bajpai stress upon the members unity & importance of viability of BSNL.He also stress upon the early settlement of ITS absorption. The members assembled in the hall & President announce the commencement of 3rd Circle Conference of AIBSNLEA MP Circle.The District reports of various branches in alphabetic order were placed by branch secretaries. Circle Secretary Com.B.S.Rajput placed Secretary report on the table of the house. After discussions on every paragraph of the report the house passed the report by voice vote. Com.T.R.Jain Circle treasurer placed his report in the house which was passed by the house by voice vote. By the time it was the prefixed programme for facilitation of retired office bearers’ .GS Com.Prahlad Rai, All India PresidentCom.Venugopal Founder President Com.Satnarayan reaches the venue. The Jam packed hall eccoed with slogans “Com.Prahlad Rai Zindabad”,”Com.Venugopal Zindabad” ,”Com.Satyanarayan Zindabad” ………………. The facilitation function was performed, the house was anxious to listen their beloved GS, in his detail address GS touches all the important points.Com.Venugopal com.Satyanarayan, Com.B.S.Rajput addresses the gathering. The programme was Compared by Com.Parwez Khan. Vote of thanks was presented by Com.H.M.Bajpai. After the function the house was adjourn & reassembled.Remaning points of agenda was completed in the prescribed time slot.The Circle president announce to dissolve the present executive body & request the house to appoint election officer to form new body.House unanimously appoint Com.Pandey District president GMTD Jabalpur as election officer. Com.Parwez Khan request the house to authorize out going CS Com.B.S.Rajput to prepare a list of new office bearers & present it to the election officer .House approves his suggestion & authorize Com.B.S.Rajput for the same.Com.B.S.Rajput presented the list to election officer, he read out the list which was accordingly proposed & seconded .Election Officer declare the New Office Bearers elected unanimously.Com.H.M.Bajpai – President,Com.Vijay Kumar – Vice President – I,Com. S.V.Khanvarkar Vice President II,Com.Parwez Khan Circle Secretary,Com.R.K.Shrivastava ACS I,Com.Y.S.Chauhan ACS – II,Com.A.K.Bhatia ACS III,Com.Lallit Batham ACS IV,Com.Amar Singh Financial Secretary ,Com.Narayan Sharma Asst.Financial Secretary ,Com.P.K.Shukla Org.Sect. Com.V.S.Chauhan Org.Sect. Com.Ashok Singhal Org.Sect. Com.A.K.Jain Org.Sect. Com.M.V.Namdiar Org.Sect.Com.Kailash Narayan CWC Member,Com.R.B.Banke CWC Member, R.Telang, Media Secretary, Bachchan Khan Website Secretary.Oath Ceremony was performed by election officer.Newly elected Circle Secretary Com.parwez Khan put the suggestion to nominate out going CS Com.B.S.Rajput as life time Patron of MP Circle AIBSNLEA ,House approved the proposal with standing ovation.Conference Ends with National Anthem.
21-10-11 : Mr Parvez Khan was elected unanimously as M.P. Circle Secretary. This decision was taken unanimously in presence of All India General Secretary and All India President. Mr. H.M.Bajpai and Mr. Amar Singh were elected as President and circle treasurer respectively.

19.10.2011:Central Working Committee meeting of the AIBSNLEA at Jabalpur(MP) The  Central Working Committee meeting of the AIBSNLEA commenced on 19th Oct'2011 at 9.30 hours at BRBRAITT, Jabalpur with hoisting of Association flag by Com. P. Venugopal, President.

Com. P. Venugopal, President  of AIBSNLEA presided over the meeting. President in his opening remarks requested every one to co-operate with the dias in completing the agenda points and various important issues in the crucial period. He welcomed all the CHQ Office bearers, Circle Secretaries, Circle Presidents, CWC members, special invitees and requested all to fully participate in the deliberations and make the CWC a grand success. 

Com A.K. Tiwari,  Circle Secretary  Jabalpur , welcomed all the CHQ Office bearers, Circle Secretaries, Circle Presidents, CWC members, special invitees and requested the participants to excuse them for the shortcomings, if any in the arrangement of accommodation, etc. to the participants and requested everyone to co-operate in conducting the meeting successfully and inform the host volunteers in case of any short fall in the arrangements.

President informed that Open Session is scheduled at 11.30 hours.

Agenda circulated were unanimously approved by the CWC. One minute silence was observed in the memory of departed comrades. After Self introduction, the agenda items were discussed. Minutes of the 3rd CWC meeting held at Goa were unanimously confirmed. Circle  Secretaries, Organizing Secretaries , AGSs and Advisors  placed their report. Com. GS sum up the reports. CWC meet adjourned for the Open Session at 11.00 hours

The Open Session on the occasion of CWC meet commenced at 11.30 hours with lighting of sacred lamp by Shri Neeraj Verma, G.M. (Trg.), BSNL Corporate Office, New Delhi and other dignitaries.  Comrades of Jabalpur Circle warmly welcomed the Chief Guest Shri Neeraj Verma, Guest of Honors Shri Jitendra Vyas, CGM (TF), Jabalpur, Shri A C. Mishra, Sr. GM TD, Jabalpur, Shri G.C. Manna, Sr. G.M. Inspection Circle, Shri S.K. Bose, Sr. G.M. TTC, Jabalpur,  Shri Prabhash Singh, Sr. G.M. (Admn), M.P. Circle, Special Guest, Shri K. Satyanarayana with Bouquets , Shreephal, Shawls and Mementos.

Com B.S. Rajput, Circle Secretary of M.P. welcomed all the members.  He has mentioned that the CWC is being held in a crucial period by the BSNL with the proposed VRS, ITS absorption, revenue reduction, etc. and it is very much important to identify the reasons for the revenue reduction and to find out a suitable solution to bring the BSNL in its original glory.

Com Prahlad Rai G.S. welcomed the gathering and placed his key note address <<Click Here for Keynote address>>.

Com P. Venugopal, President, AIBSNLEA, in his address expressed sincere gratitude to Jabalpur Circle, BRBRAITT, for making wonderful arrangement for the CWC. President  informed that since the inception of BSNL, all the executives and non-executives are dedicatedly working for the growth of BSNL.  But, it is painful to say that the ITS officers, who are leading us is not able to take a decision on their absorption issue.  He requested the ITS officers to get absorb in BSNL and join the work force of BSNL so that BSNL can achieve its original position.  He informed that DoT has requested the executives of face any contingency situation to manage the BSNL in the case of ITS officer not opted for BSNL.  President has informed that on behalf of the Association our CHQ has already informed the DoT that BSNL executives are ready to face any challenge. President has stated that at the time when BSNL employees were putting their maximum efforts to bring back the BSNL in its original position despite of all odds, the management has proposed the VRS and the same has diverted the focus of the employees from its efforts.  MTNL has in no way benefited with VRS and the same will be the result in BSNL too.  The VRS is proposed to cover up the mis-management of BSNL by the management.  As regards the viability of BSNL, BSNL has earned profit around 9 years, the revenue in landline itself has reduced drastically, where all the taxes, etc. liable to be paid by the BSNL in intact and there is no change in it.   He informed that AIBSNLEA is striving its best to educate its members and in supporting the management to grow and earn its original position.  He has requested all the members to provide better and delighted services to its customers.

Com. K Satyanaraya, Founder President of AIBSNLEA is his speech mentioned   BSNL is not the only company having competition and there is a competition in every field and the deliberations should concentrate on the    status of Banks especially in the case of State Bank of India and how they could come to such a situation despite of stiff competition. He requested all the ITS officers to get absorbed in the BSNL and to be part of the organisation and lead the force.    He also pointed out that in case ITS officers are not willing to get absorbed in the BSNL they should go back to DoT, so that BSNL can make its own arrangement and the uncertainty will be ended once for all.  

Shri A.C. Mishra, Sr. GMTD, Jabalpur in his addressed  informed that the dynamic leader like Shri Prahlad Rai is capable to take care of all the needs of the executives and expressed that BSNL management will look into the issues favourably and settle the issues. He informed that BSNL is in the 4th position as on date in the market.  Lack of timely procurement of equipment and non-focus on products like WLL and its technology, planning and sales strategy is cause of it.  WiMAX also is now in uncertainty and BWA spectrum is being returned to DoT.  In case BSNL is not planning and implementing and its sale technology, the situation of BSNL will more worsened. Value addition to the landline services are required to keep the basis services.  Lack of modems and EPBTs are also contributing  heavily in the present situation of BSNL.  He has pointed out that overall change in  technology  implementation , attitude, sale strategy,  is the need of the hour.

Shri G.C. Manna, Sr. G.M. , Inspection Circle, Jabalpur mentioned that  as regards the quality of service, as mentioned by the GS, the quality of service of 114 places was analysed by the inspection circle and there is an overall improvement in the services and requested to keep the same trend.  The telecommunication journal released by Inspection circle  was presented to all the dignitaries on the Dias and also to all members present.  He informed that the journal is released in two volumes and requested every one to subscribe the magazine so that all the technical / technological development and its knowledge can be passed to all and also through its newly designed website.  He informed that all the publications are registered one. 

Shri S.K. Bose, Sr. G.M., TTC, Jabalpur in his address expressed happiness that AIBSNLEA in conducting the CWC in this institution and giving the chance to host the CWC.    He informed that there are very few PSU those kept the positive growth for a period of 9 to 10 years like BSNL and it is also a great achievement.  He stated that "leader is one and leadership is collected".   In case the team is winning it is the victory of the team and failure is the responsible of the team leader. He stated that we should focus and be dedicated to increase the  revenue and stop worrying.  BRBRAITT has designed a motivational course and the same will be imparted to around 2500 executives including top management. He informed that BRBRAITT has designed and commenced imparting multiple number of  courses for the outsiders.

Shri Prabhash Singh, Sr. G.M. (A), MP Circle Bhopal  in his addressed stated that on behalf of CGMT, MP Circle   informed that CGM was very much interested in attending the meeting but, due to ill health condition could not attend the meeting and regretted for the same. He is informed that MP circle is handling and settling all the issues of its employees as a family matter whatever may be the issue.  He informed that new NTP will boost the services by way of giving 100 Mbps  speed for broadband and suggested that land line services are to be strengthened by way of dispensing drop wires, using new technology cables.

Shri Jitendra Vyas, CGM(TF), Jabalpur  in his speech stated that many of us are seeing that what we get from others, instead looking that what we are giving.  He further mentioned that de-centralisation of necessary powers are required to satisfy the customers at all levels right from counter staff.    He stated that self analyzation is must and we have to learn to give the same what we expect from others.    

Shri Neeraj Verma, Sr.GM (Trg.). BSNL Corporate Office, New Delhi in his address stated that Director (HR) and CMD were very much keen to attend the function and address the gathering.  He has informed that all the issued presented in the session will be submitted to the concerned Sr. officers in the corporate office for its settlement.  He has informed that the association like AIBSNLEA is very much important for the BSNL and it needs tremendous co-ordination and the BSNL corporation is very well aware that the AIBSNLEA is discharging the distant responsibility and value all of you. He stated that when an Assn. like AIBSNLEA having members of about 30000 itself is like an organisation and the head of the AIBSNLEA is equivalent.   BSNL C.O. will not hesitate to say that   participation of each member is extreme important for the survival of the organisation. He read out the message of Director (HR), New Delhi.  In the message Director (HR) stated the future of BSNL will depend largely on how its human resources faces the stiff challenges being faced by the organisation.  He also stated that the well being of all of us depends upon the growth and prosperity of the BSNL.  AIBSNLEA has a significant role to play in this regard by providing inspiration to its members to keep the organisational interest uppermost in their deliberation.

In the message of CMD, BSNL;  it was mentioned that CMD apologised for not attending the session in person.  CMD stated  that the accounts of the company has been finalised and 6384 crore loss is posted which is three time more of 2009-10.  It is a matter of concern and lot of effort needs to be put to come out of present situation. 25% revenue has to be increased as compared to previous year.  Only 26.6% of the target assigned is achieved so far. He stated that wired line services are to be focused along with other services. Personalised services are to be given to the customers.  The unproductive expenditure to be reduced and requested for whole hearted support of AIBSNLEA and requested to make arrangement to face any situation and manage the services in case of ITS do not get absorbed in BSNL as contingency plan.  CMD, BSNL has conveyed his best wishes for the Diwali.  <<Click Here for the message of CMD, BSNL>>

Com Amit Gupta,   OS (S), Kolkatta extended vote of thanks to one and all.  In his speech mentioned that lack of professional guidance for marketing cell has not made us successful businessman. He also mentioned that in Director(HR) message the efforts for settlement of HR issues should have been mentioned .

The Open Session concluded at 15.15 hours with national anthem. <<Click Here for Glimpses of OPEN Session>>

House re-assembled to discuss the pending items of earlier session and continued late night upto 1.00 AM.

4-10-11 : The Circle Conference of MP Circle will be held on 20th & 21st October at Community Hall BRBRAITT Compund.Accomodation of delegates is at Jagdish Bhawan.Please confirm your arrival, Intimate your train name & time of arrival to the chairman transport committee Shri.Bhatia DE Extl.Jabalpur.Regarding accommodation you can contact Sh.G.N.Shrivastav SDO GMTD Bpl Mobile No : 9425608070
3-10-11 : A general bodyof BRBRAITT Circle was held at 11am at community Hall BRBRAITT Compound Jabalpur. Shri H.M.Bajpai Circle president MP Circle.Sh.B.S.Rajput Circle secretary MP Circle & Sh.Parwez Khan Advisor III were present in the meeting.Sh.T.N.Pandey president AIBSNLEA GMTD Jabalpur address the open Session, in his address he impressed upon the current status of BSNL & role of our members to improve the present situation. Sh.H.M.Bajpai,Sh.B.S.Rajput & Sh.Parwez Khan also address the gathering. Treasurer report was present in the house by out going treasurer which was accepted by voice vote. In its key note address the working CS present his report which was accepted by the house. The circle president dissolve the present committee & request the house to elect the new body. Sh.T.N.Pandey was proposed as election officer, he conducted the election .The following body was elected : Shri.T.S.Pagare Circle President, Shri.S.K.Dubey Circle Vice President, Shri.A.K.Tiwari Circle Secretary, Shri.S.D.Namdeo Asst.Circle Secretary, Shri.R.K.Sarawgi Circle Financial secretary, Shri.D.K.Sharma Asst. Financial secretary, Shri.D.K.Upadhya Organizing Secretary. Oath Ceremony to the elected body was performed by Sh.H.M.Bajpai. Newly elected CS express thanks to the gathering & assure to work hard for the benefit of the members. Programme ended with National anthem
26-9-2011 : Top circle leaders will participate in “One day massive fast on 27th September 2011 at 10 AM in front of Circle office Bhopal. As per decision of MP JAC at least 12 members of each association & unions will participate in “One day massive fast”. Similar programme may please be observed in every SSA.It is also requested to participate in lunch hour demonstration on 27th.All DS to ensure 100% attendance of their members. Please make the programme a grant success.
21-9-2011: On persuasion of AIBSNLEA the local officiating orders of SDE to DE were issued on 20-9-11.After joining of Sh.N.K.Yadav as CGM this is the second list issued. On the advice of circle leadership, the orders on both the list were issued on a specific policy for promotion irrespective of giving favor to any individual. The orders are issued on vacancy & need bassis.We thank Circle administration & congratulate them for putting to end to transfer & posting business. (which was earlier flourishing)
20-09-2011: Circle President Sh.H.M.Bajpai, Circle Secretary Sh.B.S.Rajput,ACS Parwez Khan, Media Secretary Sh.Ragvendra Telang & Circle Treasurer Sh.T.R.Jain visited Jabalpur the other day to review the preparation & arrangements for the forth coming CWC on 19-9-2011 & 20-9-2011.To mobilize members the team visited BRBTTC,Telecom Factory,T&D Circle & GMTD Jabalpur branches. We pay our sincere thanks to Sh.Kailash Nayak of Q & A Sh.S.N.Prasad & Sh.Khurana of Telecom factory ,Sh.B.S Sharma of GMTD Jabalpur, Sh.T.N.Vishkarma & Sh.Anil Tiwari of BRBTTC,Sh.Deepak Khare of T & D Circle for their extra ordinary support they extended during the visit. Names for forming different committees were also finalized.Committe also had long discussions for food arrangements with local caterer. The committee decided to visit again in the first week of October to give finishing touches to organize CWC in a grant manner.
13-9-2011: Talks Fail, the call to conduct Dharna on 14-9-11 Stands.Organise Dharna Powerfully. In Bhopal Dharna will be organize at circle office, all Circle office bearers, leaders & members will participate.
9-9-11: We acknowledge & thanks SNEAI circle leadership for extending invitation for their CEC to be held at Omkareshwar on 10-9-11,We wish them all the best for success of CEC.
8-9-11: Circle president Sh.H.M.Bajpai,Circle Secretary Sh.B.S.Rajput & ACS Parwez Khan meet CGM the other day. In a very successful meeting we discuss various issues related to members. Regarding Second Signatory we suggested various points,CGM was convinced with them & assure to solve the issue. Regarding reliving of Sh.Paul A.O Rajgarh for inter circle transfer he assured to conceder his case after joining of TDE Rajgarh. Regarding Transfer of GPF of those officers who are transferred from one station to other he assured & was convinced with our suggestions. We also discussed with him the issue & grievances in TDM Vidisha, CGM assured to look into the matter.
“31-8-2011: We wish all viewers, members & their families “Happy Eid & Ganesh Chaturthi”
“We Salute Anna Hazare & pledge to fight Corruption within us & around us. This will be the best support to New Gandhi of India”
“CEC in its meeting decide & appoint Shri.P.K.Shukla Organizing Secretary (Indore Area) & Shri. A.P. Singh Organizing Secretary (Gwalior Area) We congratulate them & hope for best from them.
“27-8-11: The Executive body meeting of AIBSNLEAMP was successfully organized today at Hotel Ashirwad Grand Bhopal. As per agenda the house unanimously decided to held circle conference in Jabalpur in October .House also decided to organize CWC scheduled on 19th & 20th of October under the leadership of Com.B.S.Rajput.As directed by the house CS will give agenda to CGM in the shortest possible time & a meeting will be arranged with CGMT to discus the various burring issues related to Members. It was also decided to arrange a meeting in Jabalpur to form Various committees to successfully organize CWC in the first week of September..
“We regret for not updating the web site due to technical reasons”
26-8-2011: Circle office bearers meeting is to be held on 27-8-11 at Hotel Ashirwad Residency near Inter State Bus Terminal near Chetek Bridge Bhopal
All Circle Office bearers & District Secretaries are requested to organize general body meeting &chalk out the program as per guide lines of CHQ to observe month of May as “Customer Delight Month”. Please send the report of your program so that it will appear on our web site.
1st May 2011 : AIBSNLEA is celebrating its 8th Foundation Day on 1st May 2011. AIBSNLEA MP Circle extends warm greetings to all the Members and well wishers on the occasion. Organize Special General Body Meetings, Seminars, Get-togethers, Blood Donation Camps, Telecom Melas etc. to observe the Foundation Day .
13-04-2011 : Com.Parwez Khan Advisor III AIBSNLEA meet Sh.H.S.Thakur Convener JAC MP & request him to urgently call the meeting of MP JAC to chalk out the program to celebrate “Customer Delight Month “ w.e.f 1st May as decided by JAC CHQ.
06-04-2011 : Advisor-3 Com.Parwez Khan,Circle President Com.H.M.Bajpai,Circle Secretary Com.B.S.Rajput & Circle Vice President Com.Vijay Kumar will attend the district conference of GMTD Ujjain on 7th April 2011.
08-03-11 : AIBSNLEA MP Circle condemns the language used by SNEAI MP Circle website against our senior officers. Using website to full fill personnel requirements is also condemned here with. To hurt individuals & make such comments in public should be seriously viewed, and legal action should be taken against those who are maintaining the Web Site.
4-02-2010: Sh.B.S.Rajput Circle Secretary & Sh.Parwez Khan ACS Meet CGM on 2-2-2011 at 11.30AM and discuss various issues related to members. Regarding request transfers we point out some cases which are missing, DGM (Admin.) assured to look into the matter. Regarding corrections in longest stay particulars, DGM (Admin) assured to look into the matter. Regarding longest stay list of Gwalior we request the CGM for some other alternative as the stay of SDE’s at Gwalior is very less & does not full fill the conditions as per transfer policy.CGM assured, and instruct DGM (Admin) to work out other alternative..Regarding names of those officers who were on deputation in longest stay list, we registered our protest & demand for the same policy as was in previous years.CGM assured to have another round of meeting on these issues in near future. Advisor III Com.Parwez Khan had telephonic discussion with Our GS regarding two days salary deduction.. HRA, Transport allowance & Diet allowance were deducted from the salary for these two days.GS assured to talk to finance & then will do the needful.
Freedom in Mind, Faith in Words, Pride in our Heart, Memories in our Souls.

Lets Salute the Nation on REPUBLIC DAY.
4-01-2011 : In spite of Cold wave & Mercury touching 0 degree , our Vidisha Branch Comrades welcomed the delegates returning form AIC at vidisha railway station in late night hours.They expressed their happiness on Comd.Parwez Khan being elected Advisor. At Bhopal Railway station comrades of GMTD Bhopal branch welcome Com.Kamlesh Singh,Comd.Amar Singh & Comd.Parwez Khan & express their Joy on the election of Comd.Parwez Khan as Advisor.
Open session of 3rd All India Conference of AIBSNLEA at Kolkata was started with the
Open discussion on Viability of BSNL and around 30 delegates of various Circles shared
their views in the august house
The following Office Bearers were elected unanimously.

President - Shri P. Venugopal, DGM(F), BSNL CO, New Delhi

Vice President-1 Shri Manas K Roy, West Bengal

Vice President-2 Smt. Baby Rani, Kerala

General Secretary Shri Prahlad Rai, AGM(ESY), BSNL CO, Delhi

AGS (Engg.) Shri R B Athani, DE Karnataka

AGS (Finance) Shri G.R. Sharma, DGM(IA), BSNL CO, New Delhi

AGS (Civil/Elec.) Shri Pradeep Goyal, EE(C), Lucknow

AGS (General) Shri K.P. Nair, PA, Kalyan

AGS (HQ) Shri Bhagwan Singh, Sr. SDE(Mktg.) CM, JP TD

Financial Secy. Shri B. Ravindranath, DM (EF), BSNL CO, New Delhi

Asstt. FS Shri P.C. Joshi, SDE(E), Meerut

Org. Secy. (N) Shri Devesh Sharma, AM (NWP-GSM), BSNL CO, New Delhi

Org. Secy. (S) Shri B.S. Reddy, DE(ITPC), Hyderabad

Org. Secy. (E) Shri Amit Kumar Gupta, DGM(NWO) Kolkatta

Org. Secy. (W) Shri C.M. Saste, DE, Pune

In addition to the above Central Office Bearers the following Advisors were also elected
unanimously :

Advisor-I Shri V. Keshava Rao, DGM(F), Vijayawada

Advisor-II Shri Karan Singh, AGM(MNS), Jaipur

Advisor-III Shri Parvez Khan, Bhopal

Advisor-IV Shri A.G. Joshi, Satara

Advisor-V Shri M.M. Karnani, Ahmedabad

Advisor-VI Shri V.K. Paramshivam, Karaikudi

Advisor-(Legal) Shri S.K. Dalai, Bhubanehwar

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